Karmic Relationship Guide

Karmic Relationship

Have you ever found yourself in an intense relationship that feels like it ticks all the boxes but doesn’t feel like love? Do these intense emotions lead to moments of extreme passion but also chaotic and bitter fights? If so, it’s quite possible that you’re in a karmic relationship and if that is the case, it could be time for you to get out! In this article, we will explore karmic relationships, what they are and why they tend to be toxic. We’ll also take a look at why people often confuse these types of relationship for love and how you can heal such a relationship.

What is a Karmic Relationship?

In fact, what does karmic mean? You may be familiar with the concept of karma: the idea that our actions create positive or negative ripples throughout the universe which ultimately come back around to us, either in this life or the next. Arguably, this karmic energy plays a role within the concept of a karmic relationship.

They relate directly to your past lives and those within your soul group. Some people view these relationships as spiritual lessons while others believe they are more akin to unfinished business from a past life. Either way, a karmic soulmate is rarely long-term, provided you face the problem and deal with it.

These relationships are not examples of love but the strong connection that you feel with another member of your soul group is completely natural. Someone who is in your soul group is travelling with your along your soul’s journey. A karmic connection such as this exists from a previous life and if you don’t address the situation in this life then it will likely follow you to the next one as well.

The Problems with a Karmic relationship

Now that we’ve covered the basic karmic meaning, we can begin to take a look at some of the problems you are likely to encounter with a karmic relationship. This section serves two main functions:

  1. It helps you better identify whether you are indeed in such a relationship; 
  2. It highlights the negative aspects that you’re likely to face which will hopefully convince you as to why you need to either heal the wounds or leave the relationship entirely. We’ll explore both options momentarily.

The Allure of a Soulmate

It’s important to realize that the term “soulmate” has been popularized by romantic Hollywood movies but that a soulmate isn’t always a reference to “the one”. Soulmates serve to help us through larger spiritual obstacles across the span of multiple lives.

Many people will fall in love with a soulmate but it’s important to realize that these strong feelings aren’t always love. When you meet a soulmate you will feel instantly connected, they’ll seem familiar to you, and you’ll be at a similar place spiritually and perhaps emotionally.

Things become a little more complicated when karma is involved. If you check karmic relationships astrology, they are just as likely to be compatible with one another as they are to being disastrous together. Using horoscopes and astrology to check such a relationship is sort of like using a compass while surrounded by magnets: it might be pointing the right way but chances are outside forces are messing with the readings.

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The Difference between Love and Karma

One thing to keep in mind when trying to decide whether your relationship is impacted by karmic energy is that love is peaceful. It should fill you with joy, happiness and tranquility. If you get these emotions but also jealousy, anger, spitefulness or other extreme negative emotions that seem to come out of nowhere, then chances are you’re in a karmic relationship.

You may feel like you’ve found “the one” and that your connected by destiny or fate and in a sense it is…but only because one of you (most likely you since you’re reading this) has unfinished business from a previous life, most likely a spiritual or emotional issue that needs to be addressed.

Accepting Karma within your Relationship

So if you’ve established that you are indeed in a karmic relationship then you have three options as to how to proceed. The first option, which you should definitely try to refrain from doing, is to deny that you’re in such a relationship and simply ignore it in the hopes that it sorts itself out.

This is likely to be disastrous. The other two options are far more sensible, healthy and will play a greater role in your spiritual journey. Both of these options involve the same first step: addressing the issues that have followed you from a past life.

Finding the Patterns

This part might involve a high level of self-reflection and noticing our own flaws can be difficult to do. Typically, we tend to ignore them or find excuses to cover them up. Escaping karmic relationships involves being truly honest with yourself at this stage. The simplest technique is to create a list of all your negative behaviors, habits, traits, etc.

Your goal is to find something that occurs specifically around your partner or is at least more noticeable when you’re with them. It’s likely to be something that you’re usually unaware of or have been trying your best to ignore. Once you find this pattern, you have one of two options: fix it with your partner or leave and fix it on your own.

In order to decide which is the best option, you need to work out the extent of karma within your relationship. If you believe that you are in love but just have the unfortunate baggage of a karmic relationship then working through the problem with your partner would be a beneficial experience, it also allows them the opportunity to take part in the healing process.

However, if the relationship is toxic and only exists to help address past issues then your discovery and acceptance of these issues gives you the option of leaving. You now know what areas you have to work on and can do so on your own. 

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