What is an Oracle?

what is an oracle

It can be traced back to Ancient Greece. In that civilization, the oracles had a very important role to play whenever a decision had to be made. Even if it is much less common to do so nowadays, you can still consult an oracle.

What is the meaning of an oracle?

Initially, it was defined as the answer to a question asked to the gods or any divinity. Most of the time, it was a question about the future that could be answered with a simple yes or no.

However, most divinatory oracles need to be interpreted. By extension, this word also refers to the often sacred place where the answer to the question was given, or even to the consulted god or goddess.  

How can anyone ask the Oracle anything?

The Oracle also refers to the human middleman through whom the question will be asked and the answer will be expressed.

It could be a medium, a psychic, a tarot reader or even a shaman. During the consultation, this go-between will follow an extremely specific ceremonial ritual that can lead him or her into a state of trance.

The various Oracles

In Ancient Greece, the Oracle of Delphi was among the most well-known. Today, there are many different ways to ask the oracle for anything, in many areas.


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Among the most common ones, you can find the following readings:

  • The Oracle of love about future romantic relationships
  • The tarot of the Belline Oracle
  • The oracle Gé
  • The Oracle of the Triad
  • The Oracle of the Runes

An oracle reading can be helpful when you have a choice before you or a tough decision to make.

However, the oracle is not all-powerful, and while the indications it will share will doubtlessly be indispensable, the final decision will be yours to make.

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