What is a medium?

Maria the medium

This question has probably already crossed your mind… And even if the definition of a medium can seem easy, it is much harder to know what a medium is.
Etymologically speaking, a medium is defined as something in an intermediate position. A person with medium abilities will be a channel, a pathway between two dimensions, the material world, and the spiritual world, between two universes, Life and Death / the visible and the invisible.

What are the characteristics of a medium’s gift?

Through some hypersensitivity, a medium has developed a specific aura allowing them to be more receptive to the manifestations from beyond, and to communicate with spirits. These extraordinary abilities are also called a medium’s gifts. Through his or her own psychic power, a pure medium or spirit medium is able to see and feel what is out of reach for most people.

That extreme sensitivity allows this person to access a vibratory field that will allow them to communicate with spiritual forces or contact the spirit of the deceased. And yet, some mediums do not communicate with anyone from Beyond. These mediums can use their extra sensory perceptions to predict the future. Gifted with the gift of clairvoyance, they are called clairvoyant psychics

Open and aware, the pure medium carries energies from beyond as well as energies from the earthly plane, on various levels of consciousness. However, being exposed to these intense energy flows for too long, spirit mediums can have lower defenses and as such their powers are weakened. Some mediums then feel incredibly and suddenly exhausted, feeling “discharged” from their power, and behaving “like a sponge”. A genuine medium aware of that will need to recover his or her energy in order to restore the whole range of powers and be an efficient medium once again.