7 Card tarot reading

seven card tarot reading

The 7 card spread is among the most complex tarot readings. To get an answer to a specific situation, it might be best to select a one-card or three-card reading instead. With a seven card reading, you rather get a thorough study that can go far beyond a single answer to a specific question.

Why should you use a seven-card tarot reading?

Just like one-card and three-card readings, most of the time the Tarot of Marseille will be used for a 7 card reading. The cards are usually drawn among the 22 major arcana.
It has already been mentioned in the articles about one-card reading and 3-card reading that each card reading method has its own defining features. They are all suited to different goals:

  • One card reading: finding a swift answer to a very specific question. It is well suited to relatively simple problems.
  •  3 card reading : finding some answers to a specific question or a given situation.It mainly allows you to get some predictions for specific concerns, considering these issues as a whole.
  •  7 card tarot reading: it can be drawn following a 1-card or 3-card tarot reading to bring further interpretation and yield a more comprehensive answer. It is particularly advised to shed some light on very intricate issues.


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Divination through a seven-card tarot reading

This kind of divinatory tarot requires excellence in your mastery of the tarot. Indeed, it calls for a lot of reflection and interpretation work.

Only with extensive knowledge and divination gifts can you draw up a comprehensive study of a seven card tarot reading.
This method can unveil your future, whether you have a question in mind or not. It allows you to unearth global revelations about the future. This draw can of course bring some answers, solutions and enlightenment regarding events of your future life.
As such, with the 7 tarot cards, you can know the evolution of any situation, and more generally learn what Destiny has in store for you. This reading can be useful in many aspects:

  • Luck
  • Success
  • Happiness
  • Friendship and family relationships
  • Love
  • Money
  • Work

A seven card tarot reading can sometimes take several areas of your life into account.
In other words, it offers a comprehensive reading by unveiling many elements over various aspects of your life, though it can also focus on a specific topic.

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