Exploring the Meaning of a Purple Aura

Purple Aura

If you’re new to the concept of auras and are struggling to wrap your head around the aura colors and what they mean then this article is perfect for you. We’re going to explore the purple aura meaning as well as looking at its different shades such as the light, dark and violet aura. As we explore these various meanings, we’ll also touch upon the idea of healing negative energy and altering the color of your aura. To start with, we’ll take a quick look at what an aura actually is.

What is an Aura?

Auras are everywhere and any living thing you see in this world has one…but what exactly are they? Well, to simplify a somewhat complicated answer: an aura is a sort of spiritual energy field that surrounds us and every other creature on this planet.

The purpose of an aura is to protect us from negative energy while attracting and holding positive energy. The strength, functionality and effectiveness of any aura vary depending on a number of factors such as health, spirituality, environment, mind-set, and more. The varying degree to which a person alters these factors in turn alters the appearance of an aura e.g. becoming a purple aura.

Learning to see an aura is a whole other conversation but once you are capable of seeing the color of a person’s aura (including yourself), you find that they can appear in a wide range of colors. Each of these colors carries its own meaning and in turn each of these colors can vary in shade which also reflects a slightly different meaning. For example, when we look at a dark shade of purple aura you will find that it differs from say a light shade or a violet shade. So let’s take a look at the purple aura.

Light Purple

As we explore the meaning of purple and its varying shades, we can take a look at the purple personality that someone with this purple aura may express. A light shade of purple corresponds to balance. Someone with this shade is generally a balanced person: they can be immature but also mature, they can be happy but also sad, and they can be calm but also angry. They respond to any given situation with the appropriate emotion at the appropriate level, not because they are trying hard to but simply because they are in sync with what’s going on around them.

Similarly, a person with a light purple shade of aura will be balanced in other areas of their life. They understand that the past is important as it leads us to become who we are in the present but this person doesn’t linger in the past. They also plan for the future but don’t get bogged down by worrying about what may or may not happen.

They are also masters at balancing the physical and non-physical, the materialistic and the spiritual, the mind and the body, and much more. To say that this person is balanced is ultimately the most accurate description you could find.


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Dark Purple

What does purple meanwhen looking at the darker shades of a purple aura? Well, the personality meaning often associated with a dark purple aura is often the exact opposite of the lighter shades. They lack any sort of balance in their lives and this leads to near disastrous outcomes.

A dark shade of purple aura reflects the person’s inability to control or manage their emotions. It also suggests that they spend too much time regretting the past or worrying about the future. Usually, such a person has little to no spirituality and here typically lies the problem.  If you or somebody you know has this shade then you may be curious as to the best way to tackle the issue.

After all, what does purple symbolize if not a strive for balance? The simplest and easiest technique to improve balance would be meditation. Why? Well, meditation is a spiritual practice and as such, it allows you to become connected and balanced through your mind, body and soul. The added benefit of meditation is that it relaxes the mind and also emotions, leading to a balance and a feeling of calm and peace. Start with 10 minutes of meditation every day for a week and see the results for yourself.


We can now take a look at the violet aura meaning and how this relates to the overall purple meaning. A violet aura is one that directly relates to your spirituality. There are certain people who you would expect to have such a shade of aura: psychics, artists, religious leaders or spiritual guides. These people are capable of putting their physical or mental desires to one side in order to carry out work that relates more closely to their spiritual path. Where other shades of purple can indicate balance in terms of an emotional state, this shade does not.

There is no easy method or shortcut to achieve this color of aura. Those who display it have typically spent large portions of their lives dedicated to improving their own spirituality but also the spirituality of others. They don’t do this for selfish reasons but rather because it feels right and they know that everyone should have access to the same opportunities and spiritual abilities. Their life’s journey runs parallel to their spiritual path and you’d struggle to find someone with this shade who isn’t impressively educated in all things spiritual.

Final Thoughts

So what do purple auras mean? Well, in general terms a purple color of aura reflects balance. This could be the attainment of spiritual or emotional balance but it could also be the complete and utter lack of such balance. Ultimately, the best way to alter or interact with your purple aura is through meditation and other spiritual practices. Only through such methods can any of us ever hope to achieve a violet aura

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