Knight of Pentacles Card

Knight of Pentacles

When it comes to tarot card readings, there are a near-infinite number of meanings that you could take away from just one card. When you also consider the different card positioning, the different tenses and all the billions of potential card combinations, there begins to become a lot to consider when carrying out a tarot card reading. In this article we are going to focus on just one of these cards: the Knight of Pentacles. We’ll take a look at the general meaning of the card, the reversed meaning and we’ll touch upon a couple of card combinations that are of particular interest.

The Knight of Pentacles Meaning

We’ll start off by taking a look at the upright meaning behind this card, which is also referred to as the Son of Pentacles. What does this mean? Well, when you play any tarot card it is either standing up normally (upright) or it is upside down (reversed). The position of your card in the manner can alter its meaning quite drastically.

The general meaning of this card is ultimately practicality, stability and responsibility. What else would you expect from a knight? This knight card can represent hard work, it can be a sign of protection, but it can also represent a person. Typically, the type of person that this card represents is a reliable, strong, and loyal man (although it can also be a woman) typically in their early 20s.

This individual has many positive traits but will also struggle to show emotion which will create confusion and concern. The Knight of Pentacles feelings are locked away.


The Knight of Pentacles love meaning can vary slightly. For example, if you are single then this card can be an indicator that you are ready for a relationship. However, you have to be able to tell the difference between wanting a partner and simply wanting security, stability and support. This card isn’t a prediction that you’ll find someone but rather it questions whether you should or not. If you are in a relationship then this card represents stability and commitment. It serves to remind you that you can trust your partner.

Finances and Career

Often referred to as the Knight of Coins, this card is certainly one you want to see when exploring your financial situation and career. When this card is played within the context of your career, it’s usually indicative of a prosperous career that either starts or ends with you being the boss. Your drive and your focus will help you to achieve this.

In terms of your financial success, this card can indicate luck or fortune but it also reflects your personality. The Knight on the card is often depicted holding a gold coin. You are careful with your money, sometimes too careful and despite your love of luxury and the finer things in life, you rarely splash out, even when you can afford to.


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The Knight of Pentacles Reversed

When a card is reversed (i.e. upside down) it means that many of the traits this card carries are in turn switched, ultimately carrying the opposite meaning of the upright card. For examples, where the upright position would indicate the Knight of Pentacles as feelings of guarding emotions, even appearing emotionless to some, the reversed card can be indicative of somebody who simply cannot control their emotions: they may be irrational, impatient, and possibly even unstable.

The reversed card does not carry any of the positive knight traits but rather traits such as unreliability, irresponsibility, selfishness and pessimistic. When it comes to love, the reversed card represents an unstable relationship. Such a relationship isn’t built on love but rather convenience. The relationship has long since lost its spark and now those involved have become bored and tired but stay together because the alternative seems worse and they are afraid of being alone.

In terms of career and finances, the reversed card suggests that you lack drive to achieve your aims and ultimately your finances are going to pay the price. You need to be more careful with your money after seeing this card as it indicates that things may not go quite according to your plan.

Tenses and Card Combinations

This card is most powerful when associated with the future tense. Many describe such a card as representing futureknight armor, meaning that your future appears bright, safe and enjoyable. The card doesn’t mean that you’ll literally acquire armor but you will find it through some other form, possibly a friend, partner, dog, new home or possibly even through complete luck! Just allow yourself to feel a little safer as the cards appear to suggest that you have nothing to fear in your future.

When it comes to luck, it seems that any problems that cross your path will solve themselves and any dangers will let you pass unscathed. This is particularly true when this card is played alongside The Tower card as it indicates that a personal disaster will be avoided completely by chance. Just be wary of the decision you make and pay careful attention to the outcomes that unfold. 

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