8 Claircognizance Traits – Learn more about them!

8 Claircognizance Traits

Psychic abilities appear throughout all forms of entertainment media. We see them in movies, we see them on TV, we read about them in books, and every once in a while they appear on the news. In this article we are going to focus on one psychic ability in particular: claircognizance. Don’t worry if you’re unsure what exactly this is as we’re going to take a look at the main clair abilities, including claircognizance, as well as taking a look at some tell-tale signs that you’re a claircognizant. So let’s dive right into 8 claircognizance traits!

The Clair Abilities - 8 Claircognizance Traits

If you’re looking for signs you are psychic, then the best place to start is undoubtedly with understanding the definitions of some of the main psychic abilities. We’re going to take a moment to explore the four main clair abilities. We’ll define clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience and claircognizance.

8 Claircognizance Traits - Importance

Let’s start with clairaudience which is also known as clear hearing. This is the ability to hear beyond the physical world which allows for better communication with spiritual beings and guides.

Next we have clairvoyance which means clear sight or clear seeing. This is the ability to see beyond the present, physical realm. This can include visions of the future or a stronger ability to see spirits through these 8 Claircognizance Traits.

Our third ability is clairsentience which means clear feeling. This is the ability to know and feel the emotional state of those around you. Many with this ability will be described as empaths due to their uncanny ability to connect with the emotional wavelength of another person.

Finally we have claircognizance which means clear knowing. Claircognizance relates to the being able to know that something has happened or will happen. Individuals with this ability often describe it as a gut instinct but on a much larger scale.

They appear to pull information out of thin air. So let’s explore it a little further.

Exploring Claircognizance

Signs of psychic abilitycan come in many different forms and in a moment,  we’ll take a look at a claircognizance test that you can carry out on yourself to determine if you have this ability. We will just focus in the 8 Claircognizance Traits that I find important right now.

First though, let’s explore a little deeper what claircognizants tend to experience. Typically, these individuals will display a logical mind-set.

They will often be book smart (but not always) and will have a talent for knowing answers, despite having no knowledge of a subject. This will often be attributed to luck rather than intelligence.

Claircognizance is one of the more doubted psychic abilities simply because it is a difficult one to test and therefore prove. Unlike clairvoyance which can be tested quite easily, claircognizance does often appear as luck or as an “educated guess”.

As such, it’s largely suspected that many people with this ability are completely unaware of the fact that they have it. Many people haven’t even heard of claircognizance which just adds to the doubt being cast over its existence.

Claircognizance is certainly very real and so we can now take a look at some ways you can tell if you or someone you know is a claircognizant.


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 Will I recognize the some of the 8 Claircognizance Traits ?

So we’ll now run through some of the main traits that you’d find in a claircognizant. It’s important to note that you don’t have to display all of these traits to be a candidate.

If you display 50% or higher then it’s likely that you do have claircognizance but if you display less than 50%, it’s still possible that you are a claircognizant but that your abilities are still developing and therefore appear to be hidden.

If you have 2 or less then it’s likely that you don’t possess claircognizance. Let’s enumerate 8 Claircognizance Traits, some of many others that might be handle in a future blog post related to 8 Claircognizance Traits:

  • Trait 1

Those with claircognizance will have an active mind that is always processing information or craving more. They typically spend a lot of their time pondering deep questions (particularly related to philosophy, psychology and spirituality) but will also take time out of their day to write either academically or creatively.

  • Trait 2

Are ideas popping into your mind all the time? Do you struggle to sleep at night because you follow one idea into another? This is our 2nd trait and it relates to you mind receiving too much information through your ability and if you’re still developing your ability then this can sometimes feel a little overwhelming.

  • Trait 3

Do you find that you routinely interrupt people even though you don’t mean to? People with claircognizance will struggle to wait their turn. This isn’t out of rudeness but rather it is because they have so many new ideas and thoughts appearing in the heads due to claircognizance that they worry they’ll lose or forget that one thought and so they push it into the conversation as quickly as they can.

  • Trait 4

Do you enjoy puzzles? Are you always trying to guess the outcome of a movie by picking up on smaller clues? Do you find yourself looking for and even creating otherwise hidden theories? Claircognizance includes a logical mind and enjoys feeding that part of themselves with challenges.

  • Trait 5

Do you find yourself “remembering” an answer to a question you were asked days ago? This is completely normal for a claircognizant and typically reflects their development. It doesn’t matter if it takes days or even weeks for the answer to appear to you, the important part is that it does.

  • Trait 6

Do you often find that you’re able to judge a person by trusting your gut instinct? Do your concerns typically reveal themselves to be true? Being able to feel that a person is lying or has hidden intentions is our 6th sign that you have the claircognizance ability.

  • Trait 7

Do people often come to you when they are struggling to figure something out or can’t seem to fine the answers that they seek? Those with claircognizance will typically find themselves being used as the human form of Google.

  • Trait 8

While the internet has opened up the doors to video lectures and other forms of interactive learning, you find yourself being drawn more towards books and paper. Of course you will still use different formats for learning or writing but for certain jobs you find that nothing beats a pen and a piece of paper. 

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