Exploring the Meaning of a Blue Aura!

Blue Aura

For those of you who are new to the world of spirituality, auras can be a little complicated and difficult to grasp. Understanding what an aura actually is can be tricky, but coming to terms with each of the different shades of all the available colors that an aura can reflect just makes things even more confusing. In this article we are going to explore just one of these possible aura colors: blue. What does a blue aura mean? That’s exactly what we aim to answer. We’ll examine the different shades but first, let’s take a quick look at what an aura actually.

What is an Aura?

What is an aura? There’s no simple way of defining what an aura actually is. Arguably, it’s an energy field that surrounds every living thing. It can protect us from negative energy but it also reflects various aspects of who we are. We can improve our auras strength through meditation and can similarly weaken our aura through unhealthy practices. We all have an aura and with a little training, you can even learn to see auras with your own eyes.

Once you can see someone’s aura (including your own) you will notice that each aura has a different color: they can be red, blue, green, white or multiple colors. Each color can also display slightly different shades, each of which represents a different aspect of our very being. If we stick with the example of a blue aura, it could be a dark blue or it could be a light blue or a bright blue. Each of these could in turn represent emotions, personality, spirituality, health, and much more. So let’s take a look at our first shade of blue and explore what it means when someone’s aura is this color.

Dark Blue

What does blue aura mean? Well, we’re going to start off with a dark blue aura. There are actually two different meanings behind very similar shades of this color. For example, if the aura is dark blue but only blue then that means that the person is a deep-thinker. They explore the depths of their own mind and spirit in order to improve themselves and the world around them. 

These individuals are calm and collected. They may avoid stressful or fast-paced situations but they can certainly handle being in them better than most. A person with a dark blue shade of aura such as this will have an excellent gut instinct.
Alternatively, if the dark blue shade contains any grey or even black then it can be described as “clouded”. Individuals with this color of aura are worried, concerned and even afraid of openness. It’s unlikely to be their fault but it does mean that communication will likely be difficult.

This is made worse by the increased sensitivity often expressed by someone with this shade of aura, meaning that they are easily hurt and will frequently take statements the wrong way. If this is the color of your own aura then it’s advisable to take some time for yourself and relax.


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Light Blue

As we continue to explore the blue aura meaning, we reach the light blue aura (which is also known as sky blue). In comparison to the darker blue, light blue auras usually represent positive energy, positive emotions and more positive moods. People with this shade of aura are typically cheerful, communicative and friendly.

It would be silly to say you can trust people based solely on the color of their aura but typically, a light blue aura means that the person is honest, open and trustworthy. If you wish to change your aura to this shade of blue then you need to get outdoors. You don’t necessarily have to be out in nature but you do want to experience the sun shining down on your skin.

The sun is the largest physical source of energy and allowing your body, mind and soul to bask in this energy is a great way to remove negativity which allows your shade of blue to become lighter. Alternatively, carrying out good deeds will also create a change in the color of your aura.

Bright Blue

As we move onto our final color, we reach the bright blue aura. This color is sometimes referred to as royal blue but it’s certainly the brightest shade of blue any aura will display. We’ve already explored how the meanings of auras can vary simply from one shade to another and we see that more than ever with the bright blue aura.

This shade will typically reflect an individual’s higher spiritual ability. This could be anything from psychic powers, being gifted at giving psychic readings or simply being deeply connected to the spiritual realm through mind and soul alike. Interestingly, where a light blue shade typically means positive emotions and a dark blue shade typically means negative emotions, a bright blue shade can be both.

That’s not to say that the person fluctuates beyond their control but rather it means that they can embrace both positive and negative emotions and use them as a form of emotional fuel. If they need to push themselves physically then they can harness rage or anger, if they are feeling sad but need to appear happy then they can focus on positive thoughts and alter their mood significantly. You could say that these individuals are emotional chameleons.

Final Thoughts

What does auras colors mean? Well, as we’ve already seen, each shade of blue can represent a completely different type of person. Understanding this allows us to monitor our own auras as well as the auras of those around us. If we’re feeling a bit sensitive or uninspired, we can take a look at the color of our aura and if it turns out that it is not the shade we’d like, we can take steps to change that. Auras fluctuate and we’re never stuck in one shade of blue or another color forever. 

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