The 10 of Wands Tarot Card

10 of wands

When it comes to a tarot card reading you may be a little curious as to what each card means: perhaps you’re carrying out a reading and you’re not sure what to say about a specific card or alternatively you may be receiving a reading but you need clarification of the meaning of a card. Whatever the reason may be, in this article we will be exploring the various meanings of one card in particular: the 10 of Wands. We’ll take a look at the upright meaning, the reversed meaning and a look at what this card says about love, finances and careers.

Ten of Wands Meaning

We’re going to start with the upright Ten of Wands tarot card meaning. What is an upright tarot card? This is when the card is facing the right way and isn’t upside down, it’s that simple. What do you see when you look at the 10 of Wands?

Typically, the card depicts a man or a woman carrying ten branches (or wands) but with great difficulty. The story attached to this card s of a man/woman who is collecting the final fruits of harvest and is now taking them to the market.

In a way, this is the meaning of the upright card: it tells you that whatever your work has involved, whatever effort you’ve been putting in, it’s reaching its end and the rewards are just around the corner.

However, it’s also a reminder that the work isn’t over yet and the task at hand isn’t about to suddenly become easier. This card can also reflect that you’re simply taking on too many tasks or responsibility. It’s a reminder to take a step back and examine the situation to see if there may be a better solution.


As we explore the 10 of Wands love meaning, we find that the card reflects a similar problem: you’re taking on too much at once. It could be that your life is simply too busy and this is impacting your relationship or your ability to find a partner but it is also possible that within a relationship (or a search for love) that you’re also doing too much.

This card is reminding you to ease off the gas a little. Similarly, this card can relate to communication problems within a relationship or the early stages of one.

For those of you in a relationship, the Ten of Wands love meaning relates to you spending a little less time talking about yourself and your own problems and instead asking your partner about theirs a little more often. You’d be surprised what improved communication can do for any relationship.

If you’re single and on the search for love then you have to actually do the opposite. Take some time when meeting new potential partners to tell them more about yourself. You’ll find that being truly honest about who you are will lead you down a path towards the perfect partner.


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Career and Finances

Once again, we find ourselves considering the idea that you’ve taken too much on at once. If you’ve played this card in relation to your career or your finances then you need to stop what you’re doing and take a break.

Working yourself to the bone will not do you any favors in the long run and this card is warning you that trying to juggle multiple responsibilities is going to lead to your downfall. Focus your attention on excelling at one job at a time rather than messing up multiple jobs at once.

This card can also serve as a form of reality check. It wants you to consider whether all the work you are doing and have been doing is worth it. If you’ve found yourself working overtime for no real reason then consider your options: stop working extra or find a way to benefit from it.

This would be the perfect time in your life to ask for a raise or to use up some of those holiday days that you’ve been saving up. Don’t let the stresses of life become all that you know. It’s natural to worry about finances but after doing all this hard work you’re probably in a comfortable enough position to go and enjoy what the world can offer.

Ten of Wands Reversed

Now we will take a look at the 10 of Wands reversed meaning. You will most likely find yourself face to face with the reversed version of the 10 of Wands when you’ve just left a situation similar to those described above i.e. you’ve taken on too much work. Even though you’ve now finished that work you find yourself clinging onto it. 

This card is telling you that if you don’t let go and move onto new projects then you’ll find that all your work ends up being for nothing. However, this reversed card is also a sign that your tough times are coming to an end.

So do you want to get the Ten of Wands yes or no? The answer is definitely yes as this card warns us to let go and provides us with a platform through which to evaluate our current love or work situation. 

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