The Tarot of Marseille Arcana thought to be only positive


Some arcana are considered to be uniquely positive but the Tarot of Marseille is not simplistic and, just like everything in this world, nothing is either positive or negative. There is always a bit of negative in what’s positive and a bit of positive in what’s negative. In this regard, the “philosophy” of the Tarot of Marseille is common to that of Buddhism.

Why are some arcana considered to be positive straightaway?

As far as the Tarot of Marseille is concerned, there are as many possible interpretations as there are people on Earth. This may doubtlessly seem disconcerting but the goal of the Tarot is to show us when we are not on a path that corresponds neither to the meaning of our lives nor to the fulfillment of our human potential.

No tarot card could be considered either positive or negative in itself. Abundant energy, if it is well used, will turn into life force, vitality; however, if it is poorly channeled, it will turn into violence, out-of-control aggressiveness. Here are a few examples:

  • The Sun can light up the Earth or burn our skin.
  • The negative side of natural authority is that it can turn into authoritarianism.
  • Solitude can make you stronger or take you to pieces.
  • Ordeals can give the opportunity to bring out our best but can also undermine us.
  • Desire can be a driving force but can also make us slaves to our senses.

Only the dose makes the poison. And each card reflects the various degrees of a specific situation, of a specific feeling.

Meaning of the characters of the Tarot of Marseille

When the characters of the Tarot of Marseille are considered as living beings, the message conveyed by the cards suddenly seems clearer. Because the Tarot obeys first of all to logic and common sense, in spite of appearances.

Let’s take the example of the Emperor standing on the right and the Empress on the left. They look at each other in the eye: one can, therefore, come to the conclusion that a love story is about to see the light of day. Should their positions be reversed, they’d turn their back on each other, showing they had a fight.

Let’s take the card of the Sun: its influence will mainly be determined by the direction in which the characters of the card that is beside it (whether on the right or on the left) look or go. If it is on the left of the Empress, the effect will be extremely positive. By contrast, if it is on the left of the Hermit, beware! Indeed, in the first case, it lies in the back of the character of the Arcanum III. As a result, it shines on it. However, in the second case, the character of the arcanum VIIII receives the sunlight straight in the face since he is looking in its direction. The character is therefore totally blinded. It all comes down to interpretation.

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