Interpreting the World tarot card

The World - Tarot of Marseille

The World is among the 5 last trumps from the 22 major arcana that refer to the trials of the world and symbolize our chaotic path on earth, with Judgment, the House of God, the Chariot, and the Wheel of Fortune.

Drawing the World card, 21st tarot arcanum

Drawing the tarot card of the World is extremely auspicious in any domain; Love, Money, Work… This card hints at the arrival of a period of exceptional luck. Drawing this Arcanum means that anything you undertake will happen under particularly favorable conditions. The situation will be a boon for your thriving success, though that does not mean you should passively wait for it!

The World - Tarot of Marseille

It will require you to rake the initiative. It will not be hard to do so, as you will easily get the right ideas that will make it easier for you to push your projects forward. If you want to travel, now is the time to do so because you will be under the protection of the invisible world.

This Tarot Arcanum in a reading means that you are about to find a greater inner harmony that will allow you to make the right decisions.

You will find a rare kind of balance between your thoughts, your deeds and your words that will all be in sync. The World tarot card enhances communication and relationships in every domain. You will meet important people.

Any trouble to express your thoughts or understand those of other people will fade away, putting you on the path of evolution. Any effort you make will be guided by some deep intuition that will suggest what would be good for you each and every time.

Any initiative will be swiftly rewarded without requiring excessive amounts of efforts. However, you need to be wary not to assume that everything will be easy just because anything you do will be successful. Do not get last on the way and see everything through.

Likewise, do not ignore the limitations of the material World just because life is smiling at you. Save your actions for things that are physically or mentally within your reach. Be enthusiastic but keep your eyes open: happiness stands at the end of the road.


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