Numerology of 44 and what it means

44 Numerology Meaning

When you find yourself being drawn towards a certain number, it can be a little confusing at first. Does it mean something? Is it all in your head? In this article we are going to explore what it means when you keep seeing the number 44. We’ll explore some of the numerology 44 offers us and we’ll also take a look at the 44 master number (including looking at what a master number actually is). So what does the number 44 mean? Well, let’s jump straight in and take a look!

Importance of Numbers

When it comes to the power of numbers, many people are often confused by the concept at first. How can numbers mean anything beyond their numerical value? First you have to understand that everything in this universe carries a vibrational energy, including numbers.

So the number 4 carries a different vibrational energy from the number 6 which is in turn different from the number 7 or the number 8. Through understanding this vibrational energy, we can interpret potential messages that numbers may be showing us.

It’s important to realize that when you see a number repeating (such as seeing the number 44 everywhere you look) that the number itself isn’t actually appearing any more often that it usually would.

Your energy and the energy of that number are aligning or connecting in some way and as such you’re being drawn to it, making you notice it more frequently than other numbers. Interacting with numerology 44 in this manner may seem incredibly spiritual but a lot of it is also mental.

We have to trust in our own abilities to understand the numbers correctly and after all, it is our own minds and spirits that direct us to the number in the first place.

The number 44 meaning

In order to understand the entire 44 meaning numerology, we have to break down each aspect of the number. For starters, we have to consider the core numbers. Core numbers are the basic, single digit numbers that make up any larger number. In this case, we have two number 4s.

We also have to consider the sum of these two numbers (4+4) which is 8. Only after we’ve considered both of these numbers can we begin to explore the 44 numerology holds.

The Number 4

Quite noticeably, the 44 numerology is built up of two 4s. As we explore the vibrations held by the number 4, we find an array of varying messages that may appear random at first but are actually all connected. Seeing the number 4 would suggest that you’re a little stubborn and your inability (or at least unwillingness) to ask for help is creating more problems than its solving.

You have all the inner-knowledge you need but sometimes we all need a bit of help and you may be surprised how close to your goals you can get with a little bit of assistance. The number 4 also serves as a reminder to plan ahead.

Don’t just plan for the outcomes that you want, also plan for those that you’d rather avoid. It’s much better to be prepared for a possibility and for it not to transpire than for the opposite to be true. This could be a useful moment for you to ask for help. Find someone you trust and simply reach out for their input and get feedback on whatever you plan to do.

The Number 8

Of course we also have to consider the number 8 which also plays a role in the 44 numerology is showing us. Interestingly, the number 8 ties into this idea of laying down foundations and forming solid plans. Somewhat contradictorily, it also relays messages that serve to remind you of your own potential.

This can include your own knowledge, abilities, skills and more. We can now take a look at the overall numerology 44 contains and better understand 44 numerology meaning.

What does the number 44 mean?

So what does number 44 mean? Well, the 44 number meaning as suggested by the two number 4s and the number 8 is one of trust. This doesn’t necessarily mean trust in others (although that does play a role) but rather trust in yourself. You have the inner-knowledge, you have the skills, and you have the abilities. All you need is a plan and nothing can hold you back.

The 44 numerology holds also reminds you to not forget that you can ask for help. Keep your friends close as tough moments are approaching and without a solid plan and back-up, you might struggle get through them. Just remember that you have nothing to fear and that if you’re properly prepared, nothing can catch you off guard.

Master Number 44

Now that we’ve covered the basic numerology 44 contains, we can take a look at the concept of a master number. Typically, there are only considered to be three master numbers: 11, 22 and 33. These are numbers which carry more potential and meaning than any other combination of numbers.

However, some groups are of the belief that after exploring the 44 numerology  carries, that it too is a master number. However, it is important to realize that master numbers aren’t always master numbers. For example, seeing44 (or any form of the numerology 44) isn’t automatically master number related. Master numbers are only special in rare circumstances.

For example, if it was your 44th birthday on the 22nd of November in 2022 and by chance you find that your party holds 44 people and that at 4:44 you blow out your candles, then you would want to explore the Master Number 44 further…but if you’ve simply witnessed the number then you shouldn’t worry about it at this stage. 

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