Knowing one’s future through the Runes

If you have an interest in esoteric sciences, this means of divination is something you have certainly already heard of. These small stones engraved with Viking symbols hold numerous powers and secrets. The word “rune” comes from the ancient Germanic term "rūn", which means"mystery". In this article, I am offering to explore this language replete with symbols that is the runes and their divinatory scope.

Runes as a tool for clairvoyance

Divination through the runes consists in drawing them once or several times out of a bag. These draws will give you the answers you expect thanks to the meaning of the runes.

Runes can be used to:

  • ask questions regarding the future,
  • get an answer to a specific question
  • know the way in which destiny will lead you regarding a project, a situation, a relationship, etc.

The sort of runes used to that end does not matter. Some are made of wood, stone, metal or semi-precious stone.

If you want to draw the runes by yourself, take the time to carefully choose runes that appeal to you, in a substance that corresponds to you, especially if you are using semi-precious runes: amethyst, rose quartz, cornalina, etc. They can be used to perform draws, but can also be lucky charms. It is thus important to choose wisely in this respect. 

Performing a draw with runes

To perform a draw with runes, you need:

  • a set of runes. Runes are usually provided in a fabric bag to protect them.
  • a cloth or fabric made of cotton, white if possible, on which you will lay the runes. The goal of this cloth is also to protect them from any negative influence that could be active.
  • a candle and incense.

You do not need to perform a specific ritual before you draw the runes but the atmosphere around you must be positive, serene and propitious to concentration. To that end, the best thing to do is light up the candle, breathe in and breathe out calmly several times and try to dispel any negative thought.

To draw the runes, you need to use your right hand to take them out of the bag, after you have mixed them up. Then, concentrate on the question you want to ask.

Every rune you draw must be laid down on the cloth. It is preferable not to look at them right away. I advise you to draw all the runes you need before you take a look at them.

3-rune draw

It is the simplest way to draw the runes, but one that can bring great results:

  1. The first rune you draw represents the past but also the explanation of the question asked.
  2. The second rune refers to the present.
  3. The third rune represents the near future or the solution to a question asked.

The runes are genuine open doors to spiritual knowledge and their language becomes more and more replete with answers for those who dedicate some time to drawing them. There is a good reason why their name means "secret": they can reveal many things about life and the future. But, most of all, they unveil the secrets of our deepest soul, of our spiritual being, which never stops evolving and enriching itself.