Auspicious Wedding dates - Choosing a wedding date with numerology

auspicious wedding dates

In the course of one’s life, some days are more important than others, and your wedding day is among them. For that once-in-a-lifetime event, everyone wants it to be as great and successful as can be. Even beyond that very special day, everyone wants to live a harmonious life for the entire span of their marriage. This is why choosing the date for your wedding day is a very important matter that should not be overlooked when you make a lifelong commitment.

How can you select one of the lucky wedding dates in 2020?

Why is it important to know which are the good wedding dates in 2020? I already had the opportunity to tell you that dates hold a very special place in the study of numerology.

The day and year of your wedding must be defined most carefully if you want it to be particularly successful!
An auspicious wedding date might have a positive influence on your life as a couple for the entire time of your union.

Selecting an auspicious date for your wedding could facilitate your serene, harmonious and happy married life. Lucky dates can also be calculated to celebrate your engagement.
Superstition about good wedding dates can be found among many cultures such as Chinese culture – most notably Feng Shui – Hindu culture, or even during Antiquity.
While every belief nurtures specific details regarding auspicious marriage dates, almost all of them customarily agree that the month of March is usually seen as a bad omen and ill-advised to celebrate a wedding.

Astrology and numerology for a wedding date

As a general rule, you need to focus on the respective birth dates of the bride and groom in order to determine the most auspicious day for the wedding, and most particularly on their astrological sign.
If you want to know precisely what your good luck wedding dates will be on 2020, it is advisable to ask a psychic for help, specifically a numerologist or astrologer.


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 Auspicious Hindu wedding dates
 According to that belief, to determine the best date to get married, you need to follow the principles of Hindu Astrology.
Indeed, auspicious wedding dates are calculated according to an astrological study taking into account the astrological signs of those who are about to marry.
Astrology can thus determine the compatibility of both signs and from that, calculate the right date for the wedding.

Auspicious Chinese wedding dates

In order to know what are the luckiest wedding dates, Chinese numerology takes into account the date of birth of the soon-to-be-married couple and their astrological sign according to the Chinese calendar.

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