Exploring your Moon Sign Meaning

Moon Signs

When it comes to your birth date and exploring what this says about your personality, many people focus solely on the zodiac sign. The zodiac may be the most apparent guide to birth personality types but there are other factors to consider such as the sun position and the moon position (i.e. sun and moon signs). In this article we will be discussing the latter of these two: your lunar sign. What is your moon sign andhow to find your moon sign? These are just two of the questions we’ll aim to answer today as well as looking at some examples of moon location and how it influences zodiac signs.

What is a Moon Sign?

You’re probably wondering what we’re talking about. Moon signs (in particular a zodiac moon sign) relate to the position of the moon on the sky at a certain time on a certain day. Say you’re a Leo; this means you were born between July 23rd and August 22nd. That’s a pretty wide net to be casting over about 8% of the population. It wouldn’t be possible to define each person based solely on the 12 zodiac signs and so this is where additional components come into play.

You can view the zodiac sign as a vague description that gives you the general personality of that person but the position of the sun and the moon at the time of their birth fine tunes that personality description to an even more accurate one.
Consider this: someone born as a Leo could be born within a 32 day window. Within each of those days, the moon will be at a different stage of its cycle and will be reflecting different energy levels towards the Earth.

Someone could be born during a full moon or a new moon or a three quarter moon. This in turn would impact the personality that an individual is likely to express. Even if you select a specific date, for example August 1st, the moon position in the sky will still change throughout that 24 hour period and so this further impacts our reading and offers an even more accurate insight. So as you can see, moon and sun signs are incredibly relevant.

How to find out your moon sign

You’re probably wondering how to determine moon sign information. If you try to find your moon sign without using some form of calculator, it’s going to be rather complicated. However, we will explain how the process works. As we mentioned before, the lunar sign meaning which is also sometimes referred to as a lunar sign, is determined based on the phase of the moon and the position of the moon at the time of your birth…but why?

The moons cycle passes it through each of the 12 zodiac constellations. If we stick with the Leo example for now, we can imagine that someone born a Leo could also be considered to have a lunar sign of a different zodiac. For example: A Leo zodiac with a Taurus moon or even a Leo zodiac with a Leo moon.

Moon signs reflect small changes or directions within the more general zodiac sign. So by knowing the time and date that you are born, you can work out the zodiac, the phase of the moon and the position of the moon in relation to the zodiac constellations.

How Does Moon Positon Affect Personality?

Similar to the impact of the moon on the tides, it too causes a gentle to and fro of your personality traits. Imagine that certain aspects of your personality are being set and there is a bar that represents the strength of that trait and it is moving between both extremes e.g. impulsivity. The moon causes this reading to fluctuate and settle on a certain point depending on the time of your birth. So you could be born with high impulsivity or low impulsivity based solely on the positioning of the moon. 

So let’s take a look at how this can impact your personality depending on what zodiac sign your moon was in. If you were born under a Taurus moon, you’re likely to display a desire for routine and stability. You’ll have an appreciation for creature comforts and will tend to settle into a space for longer periods of time rather than move around frequently.

Alternatively, someone born under a Leo moon is likely to have the fire and passion that Leo’s are most well-known for. Their creativity and imagination can take them far and they’ll always be searching for a platform through which to share their creations.

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