Exploring the Meaning of a Green Aura

Green aura

Auras can seem a little confusing when you first begin to learn about them. They become even more so when you start to dive into all the different color meanings that any aura can have. In this article we are going to focus on just one of these colors: a green colored aura. We’ll explore the green aura meaning and we’ll take a look at the different shades of green such as a light green, dark green and yellow green. By the end you should have a grasp of the meaning of aura colours. We’ll start off by taking a quick look at what an aura actually is.

What is an Aura?

Just in case you are a little unsure of what an aura actually is, we’ll take a moment to cover the basics. Everything living in this world is protected by/intertwined with a sort of energy shield or field.

This energy field helps to protect us from negative emotions but it also reflects certain aspects our spiritual selves into the world. So what are the aura colors meanings? Well, think of the colors of an aura being somewhat similar to a mood ring: different energies give off a different color.

As we explore the meanings of auras, we find that each color includes a variety of shades. What does a green aura mean? It’s not quite as simple as green having its own meaning; rather each shades of green would carry a different meaning from another shade.

For example an aura that is light green is different from one that is dark green. Ultimately, the color reflects certain personality traits, energies, spirituality, emotions, health and more. We can now take a look at some of the different shades of a green aura and explore what each means.

Light Green Aura

A light green shade of aura (which is also referred to as a lime green aura) reflects compassion. You’re a bit of a problem solver when it comes to conflict. To you, violence is never necessary and there is always a peaceful resolution, it’s just a case of looking for it. People feel safe and comforted around you because they know that you’re level-headed and respectful.

This shade of green typically reflects an innate healing ability and many who regularly display this color will go on to become care givers of some kind: whether it be doctors, nurses, paramedics, surgeons or some form of child care. If you enjoy reflecting this shade of green or wish to, it can be nurtured by spending time with family and friends.

If you can combine that with exploring nature and escaping the polluted and loud city then you’re on the right track. A camping trip or hike would be the perfect activity to allow for bonding, good energy and fresh air. This bright green color perfectly reflects your sunny disposition.

Dark Green Aura

What does green aura mean? Well, as we mentioned earlier, this is something that can vary quite drastically from one shade to the next. The perfect example of this would be the difference between a light green shade and a dark one.

If your aura is of a darker shade of green then it means that you’re experiencing a range of different emotions, almost all of which are negative. It’s often said that green is the color of envy and in this case dark green does indeed reflect jealousy, irritability and a feeling that the world has turned against you.


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If you wish to get rid of these negative emotions (as well as the darker shade of green) then there are plenty of techniques you can carry out that would do just that.

A simple approach would be meditation. Meditation is perhaps the most effective and efficient way of clearing negative energy from your spirit and lightening the hue of your aura.

Alternatively, taking walks within nature or bathing in natural water also work incredibly well. Negative emotions cross all our paths so don’t worry if you find your aura has turned this color.

Yellow Green Aura

While the light and dark shades of green are more reflective or emotional states, a yellow green aura reflects personality. Typically, this shade can be considered one of a positive emotional state but that won’t always be the case.

Instead, it represents a creative mind that has a desire to share itself with the world. Many people who find themselves with this color of aura are budding artists or writers and their minds are constantly expanding and adapting stories or ideas to use in their work.

You will often find that these people are quiet…that is until they start to talk about their work then you can’t get them to stop. They just want to share all their ideas with everyone!  Nurturing this shade and ultimately the creativity that it reflects is pretty simple.

On the one hand, you could go out in search of inspiration by visiting museums, art galleries, scenic views, or through gaining life experience one way or another.

Alternatively, you can sit down with a pen and a piece of paper and just let your ideas flow: make notes, draw sketches, write music, do whatever makes you happy and just jot down whatever comes to mind. Don’t allow yourself to feel under pressure to create, simply let it all come naturally.

Final Thoughts

So we can see that the varying shades of aura can offer drastically different insights into yourself or someone else.
It’s important not to worry about the fact that your shade is one color or another as our auras are in a constant state of flux and as we’ve already seen, can change to reflect moods, emotions, personality strengths or weaknesses, and much more.
Just remember that it’s possible to direct your energy towards reflecting a certain shade.

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