Exploring the Meaning of a Yellow Aura

Yellow Aura

All of us have an aura, that much is clear, but often what leads people down a confused and complicated path is trying to better understand the meaning behind the color of an aura. This is particularly true when trying to understand each shade of each color. In this article we are going to explore the yellow aura color meaning. We’ll take a look at the light, bright and dark shades of yellow and what each of these means. Before we explore the yellow aura meaning let’s take a look at what an aura actually is.

What is an Aura?

So what exactly is an aura? We hear about them all the time within movies, TV shows and discussions surrounding any aspect of spirituality. In simple terms, you can think of an aura as being similar to a force field: a spiritual force field. The role of an aura is to try to deflect as much negative energy as possible to limit how much you absorb when in a negative environment or surrounded by negative people. The strength of an aura is impacted by health, spirituality, environment, and more.

The interesting thing about auras is that you can learn to see them and once you do so, you will notice something bizarre: they can have different colors. You can now see why exploring the meaning of yellow in relation to an aura is so important. When considering a yellow personality in relation to an aura, we have to consider more than just the color: we also have to consider the shade of yellow that the aura is displaying. So that’s exactly what we are going to do now as we take at the different meanings behind the light shade, the bright shade and the dark shade of yellow.


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 Light Shade

The yellow meaning, when exploring the light shade of a yellow aura, is one of new beginnings. This shade of yellow reflects either the birth or the early development of spiritual abilities. At this stage it is simply impossible to know for sure what these abilities might be. Think of it like trying to guess how big a chicken will be simply by looking at the egg. What this shade of yellow does tell us though is that now is the time to take up new spiritual practices. This is definitely the case if you’re currently not involved with any!

You have to treat this shade of yellow like a newborn baby: if you want it to grow up to be happy and healthy then you’re going to need to nurture it. This isn’t something you can just jump into and so you’re going to have to take some time to research and investigate what to do. A good place to start though would be with regular meditation. You should also start to keep a journal or diary of your spiritual experiences so that you can track how they evolve and work out the areas you need to work on.


Bright Shade

As we begin to explore the high yellow meaning (more commonly referred to as bright yellow aura) we can begin to see just how different the meaning of each shade of a color can be. Where the light yellow aura is filled with optimism, the bright yellow shade represents an inner-conflict. It indicates that you’re fighting yourself for control or power, perhaps in relation to your spiritual endeavors or as is more commonly the case: fighting your own mind.

This can be the case when you’re experiencing a negative mental state such as anxiety or depression. The problem many people run into is that they fight these mental states. Rather than dealing with the state or the root of the problem, they instead deny that the state is in effect and run into this battle with themselves.

Unfortunately this is a battle that you’re never going to win and so the sooner you can accept your current mental state, the sooner it will pass. Sometimes we end up with this shade of yellow through disconnection from nature. If you live in a society then take a day or two off and simply leave the city and head to a beach or a hill or a forest.

Dark Shade

As we reach the darker shades of a yellow aura, we reach a meaning that is somewhat similar to the bright yellow aura. Where the bright shade represents a battle between two mental states, the dark yellow aura is a battle between the brain and the heart. More accurately, it’s a battle between emotion and logic. This can of course relate to a variety of situations: perhaps you’re in a toxic relationship and even though your brain is telling you to leave, your heart is telling you to stay.

Alternatively, it could be that you’re being too analytical and logical in your approach. If you’re analyzing every situation in an attempt to reduce the likelihood of a relationship or friendship being unsuccessful then it is possible that you are actually going to cause the very outcome you’re trying so hard to avoid.

Take a break from digging too deep into the logical side of every situation and instead focus on how the relationship/friendship makes you feel. Trust your heart and your gut a little more often and you may find yourself in a happier place.

Final Thoughts

So what does a yellow aura mean? Well, that largely depends on the shade. It’s important to remember that these shades can overlap. It’s entirely possible that you could display an aura that is both dark and bright at the same time, perhaps suggesting that you’re facing multiple inner-battles, all of which need to be acknowledged and put to rest. 

Don’t stress about the color or shade of your aura as it’s never permanent. As you begin to deal with any negative aspects than a certain shade reflects, you’ll find that the shade and possibly the color will change naturally.

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