Interpreting the Judgment card

The Judgment - Tarot of Marseille

Judgment is among the 5 last trumps from the 22 major arcana that refer to the trials of the world and symbolize our chaotic path on earth, with the World, the House of God, the Chariot, and the Wheel of Fortune.

What does the Judgment tarot card mean?

Judgment warns you about upcoming developments that will radically change your life in a good way. It is a symbol of enthusiasm, dynamism, and the swift and providential arrival of a deep transformation.

The Judgment - Tarot of Marseille

The upcoming change will set you free from any conditioning or routine that paralyses you and prevents you from fulfilling your destiny.

You will be more independent, with a freedom of action that will allow you to solve many problems that so far have been curbing your personal evolution.

You will go through a period of luck and great inner fortitude.

You can expect happy upheavals that will strengthen your enthusiasm and create a snowball effect that will increase your dynamism and propel you toward a new stage in your evolution.


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Interpretation of the Judgment card, 20th arcanum

The Arcanum of Judgment symbolizes psychic resurrection, a positive renewal of your state of mind and way of thoughts that can change your daily routine. It could also herald the end of a trial that has put a strain on you for far too long.

Your relationships – personal, professional, or social – will particularly be improved when this Arcanum is drawn.
Likewise, Judgment card hints at the fulfillment of a desire, wish, or project that has been in your mind for a long time.

Your intuition will lead you to brand new territory that you will need to explore, even if you have to face the unknown. If your instinct leads you in that direction, follow its advice, it knows what is good for you.
You can only truly prosper when you explore new options, not in the comfort of your usual routine.

Drawing the tarot trump of the Judgment tells you that if you want some change in your existence, you have to move away from the kind of behavior that led to your current problems in the first place.

Change the way you usually act and you will see positive developments!

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