The Seven of Swords Tarot Card

Seven of Swords

So you’ve played the Seven of Swords tarot card during a reading and you’re a little unsure what it means. Don’t worry, that’s completely understandable. Every single tarot card has a million and one potential meanings and so in this article we’re going to break down the Seven Swords card for you. We’ll touch upon the change in meaning depending on whether the car is upright or reverses, we’ll look at love, finances and careers, and we’ll touch on some of the varying tenses that this card can carry. So let’s start by taking a look at the general meaning of the upright card.

The Seven of Swords Meaning

The first difference that we’re going to cover will be upright vs reversed. When you play a card upright, it means that the card is standing normally i.e. not upside down. An upright card invokes its basic meanings and in the case of the Seven Swords meaning, we need only look at the cards image.

So when you look at the card, what do you see? Almost all versions show a man sneaking away from a camp with 7 Swords: 5 in his hands and 2 in the ground behind him. As he looks over his shoulder at the camp, you can see an expression of confidence and pride.

He’s under the impression that his theft was a great success and has transpired without a single person noticing. However, over his other shoulder a mass of men are heading towards him with the leader signaling towards the thief.

Ultimately, this card is a reminder to you that attempting to sneak away from a situation may not be as simple as it appears. Just because you can look back over your shoulder without a soul in sight, doesn’t mean you’ve successfully escaped. It’s also a reminder to be cautious.

Seven of Swords Love Meaning

As we explore the 7 of Swords love meaning, we find that it’s pretty similar to the general card meaning. If you’re in a relationship then the card serves as a warning: whatever negative actions that you believe you can get away with, you won’t. Don’t allow your impulsive nature to lead you astray.

Instead, become more aware of everything you value within the relationship. If you’re single, then this card is suggesting that you need to allow others into your life.

Think to the man carrying the swords. He drops two and gets noticed, why? It’s because he took the task on alone. Become open to the idea of involving others in your life.


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Career and Finances

When considering your career, this card is a symbol of a burden that you carry. More often than not, this will relate to you taking on too many tasks or projects at once. When planning ahead, you may think that it’s possible to juggle them all but in practice you will fail.

Remember that completing a couple of tasks well is better than completing 4 or 5 poorly. Don’t forget that you can ask for help! You may be determined to complete the task on your own but is failure really a better option than sharing success?

Reversed Meaning

The opposite of an upright card is a reversed card. This is when you play a card upside down and in most cases this would indicate that the original meaning is flipped. In the case of the Seven of Swords card (also referred to as the Swords of Might) this isn’t really the case.

In fact, the card takes on a similar yet slightly different meaning. Where the upright meaning relates to the possibility of failure and the consideration of a new approach, the reversed card is about taking the steps to a new strategy.

This card applies when you’ve already set your mind to something or attempted a different version of the same plan only to fail.  For example, if you tried to get a promotion by working hard but it didn’t work, perhaps try asking for a promotion.

If you’re trying to lose weight by jogging but find it dull and you’re struggling to remain motivated, try taking up a sport you like. This reversed card is a reminder that there is more than one way to complete a task and get the same end result.

Typically when someone receives this card, it’s because they’ve become stuck in a loop or a rut and can’t seem to escape. Playing this card serves to release them onto a new path whereby they can hopefully find the approach that works best for them.

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