Master Number 33

Master Number 33

Within the entire universe there is a numerical code which can be deciphered in order to better understand the past, present, and future. This code allows glimpses into the very fabric of the universe through the energy levels residing in everyone and everything. In this article we are going to explore a very specific example of this through looking at the Master Number 33. To do this, we’ll take a brief look at what master numbers actually are before exploring the number 33 numerology itself. So let’s jump straight into the basics!

What are Master Numbers?

Don’t worry if you’re a little clueless when it comes to numerology or master numbers. They sound a little confusing at first but in truth, the concept is rather simple. Numerology is simply the study of numbers or more specifically it’s the study of how these numbers interact with us and the universe as a whole through varying energy levels and vibrations.

Each number (or combination of numbers) carries a different vibrational energy level and as such, it interacts differently with the world around it than any other number. However, there are three numbers above all others that carry a special power!
These are the master numbers and there are three of them: 11, 22 and 33. However, it is important to remember that not every instance of these numbers should be considered a master number (this is something we will look at in more detail in a moment).

Master numbers carry a power that can be a gift just as often as it can be a curse. These numbers tend to acknowledge something powerful about to take place. Many people describe these numbers as highly charged as one way or another, their energy is going to create a ripple through the fabric of the universe.

What’s Special about the Master Number 33?

In this article we will ignore the master numbers 11 and 22 for the most part and focus solely on the Master Number 33. Why? Well, the 33 numerology relates to the joining of 11 and 22 (11+22=33) and so arguably, the Master Number 33 is the most powerful of them all and is certainly the most influential. There are varying levels of this master number though and so we’ll start off by taking a look at one of the lower levels.

Minimal Interaction with 33

As we’ll see when we look at the full power of this master number, it can predict great and powerful things. However, not everyone who interacts with this number id destined for such things. To give you an example of a minor interaction we could look at birth date.

Someone born in the year 1993 (for example) would have 33 as the sum of their birth year. This could be an example of a minor interaction as obviously not everybody born in this year will shake the world with their wisdom. However, it does allow them to use some of this number’s energy under the right circumstances.

When this happens, these individuals will display certain personality traits. For example, they are likely to be incredibly peaceful, kind, compassionate, loving, empathetic, enthusiastic, happy, and will often feel a natural connection to spiritual practices. They strive to find balance in their world but the key thing to pay attention to here is that they strive for balance in their world as opposed to the world.

They individuals, while being wonderful people, are still likely to be focused on the smaller picture. So let’s see how this relates to the life path number 33 tends to predict when working as a master number.


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The Life Path of 33

The life path 33 tends to predict or draw attention to is one of Biblical proportions. That is why the true appearance of this number in its full master form is so rare.

33 as a number actually corresponds with Jesus who would certainly be a great example of someone who access this master number’s full energy.

When we look at the numerology 33 contains as a master number, we find people who are capable of achieving great things with little or no thought towards themselves.

These people will inspire those around them, lead them to a form of greatness and will think long and hard before preaching any ideas or beliefs.

Unfortunately, as this master number resides at both ends of the spectrum, the outcomes of such power aren’t always positive and so throughout history there examples of individuals accessing the power of this number for evil.

These individuals will be cold and calculating and will appeal to negative emotions. Again, it’s important to remember that the true power of this number is something that is incredibly rare.

When is it just a number?

As this number truly is so rare in its full capacity, you’re perhaps wondering how to tell when it’s just a number and when it’s not. Typically, if you see 33 somewhere then you would just reduce it: either through viewing it as two 3’s or using the sum to get 6 (or both).

If 33 appears multiple times within the same context then you would perhaps explore it further in search of whether it works as a master number.

Typically there will be an interaction with another master number, if not both. An example might be somebody born at 11:33 on November 22nd 1993. Then it could be considered a higher version of the Master Number 33

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