What Tarot Card am I?

What tarot card am I

Did you know that you can use your tarot cards for more than a typical reading? Have you ever asked yourself: what tarot card am I? Perhaps you’ve even asked yourself: what is my arcana card? In this article we are going to explore two of the main techniques used to determine which card you are associated with and ultimately which major arcana apples to you. We’ll also take a brief look at what major arcana cards are and how they relate to determining the answer to: which tarot card am I?

Major Arcana Cards

Within any tarot card deck, you’ll typically have 78 cards in total. Some of these are cards are known as suit cards or minor arcana such as the 5 of cups, the 3 of wands, the 6 pentacles or the 10 swords.

All of these carry meaning when used during a tarot card reading but the major arcana cards are considered to have significant life implications.

These cards are the face cards or identity cards within the deck and there are 22 of them. So which tarot card are you and how do we use these cards to determine the answer? Let’s take a look at which tarot card represents me with the number 7.

What tarot card are you?

There are two main approaches to answering: what tarot card are you? More specifically we can answer: what major arcana are you? As in both of these techniques, we only use the 22 arcana cards.

First, we have to assign a numerical value to each card: The Magician (1), The High Priestess (2), The Empress (3), The Emperor (4), The Hierophant (5), The Lovers (6), The Chariot (7), Strength (8), The Hermit (9), Wheel of Fortune (10), Justice (11), The Hanged Man (12), Death (13), Temperance (14), The Devil (15),  The Tower (16), The Star (17), The Moon (18), The Sun (19), Judgement (20), The World (21), and the Fool (22).

Typically, the fool represents zero as well but that would be pointless for these techniques. The second thing we have to do is establish your major arcana number.

To do this, we take your day, month and year of birth and reduce each number to a single digit. We then combine these numbers and reduce the total until we have a number between 1 and 22.

For example: July 4th 1994 would be 7, 4 and 23 which becomes 7, 4 and 5 when we reduce the year for a second time. Combining these numbers gives us 34 which we reduce again to 7.

Let’s take a look at which tarot card represents me with the number 7.

But before that, you must understand that a tarot reading can reveal hidden mesasges that can impact your life in a positive manner. You can uncover a new destiney filled with luck and happiness with the help of tarot cards. 

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Method Number 1

The first method is the most simple but can also be less effective. Simply match the number you worked out from your date of birth to the arcana card associated with that number. What tarot card am I? Well, for the example of 7, I would be The Chariot Card.

What arcana are you? If you got 18 then you’re The Moon, if you got 4 then you’re The Emperor. The next step would be to interpret the card’s meaning which you can do either from your own tarot knowledge or online.

The issue with this technique is that it lacks the physical interaction with each card.

Method Number 2

Are you still asking: what tarot card am I? Well, this second method is more effective as it allows you to touch each card and allow the deck to feel your energy. So which major arcana tarot card are you?

Well, shuffle the 22 cards and count out each card placing it face down on the table and only turning over the card that matches your number.

So for the number 7 you would place 6 cards face down and turn over the 7th. This card is your card. So which major arcana are you?

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