Spotting Past Life Lovers

Past Life Lovers

Have you ever met someone and felt connected instantly? Part of you begins to wonder if you’ve actually met before or whether there is a reason for the familiarity. Sometimes you find yourself in a relationship with this person and still you have that feeling that your lives are connected in some unforeseen way. In this article, we are going to explore why you may be feeling this way. We’re going to take a look at the idea of past life lovers. We’ll go through some main signs you’re likely to experience from past life relationships and hopefully you’ll have all the answers you’ll need by the end.

Signs of Past Life Lovers

If you were in a relationship or in love with someone in a past life, it means that this past life soulmate will still share a connection with you in this life, even if neither of you are aware of it at the start.

So let’s take a look at some of the more common signs of past life connections.

Instant Connection

This will be the very first sign that you’re likely to encounter. When you’re meeting someone from a past life for the first time in this life, you’re likely to feel a sense of instant connection.

This will often be described as a feeling of familiarity but it can also feel like “love at first sight”. You’ll find that the conversation flows with great ease and there are little to no feelings of awkwardness between you.

You will find that even when you do have a difference of opinion, you’re able to completely understand each other’s point of view and not allow this difference of opinion to create any friction.

Just Be Yourself

Knowing someone in a past life and meeting them in this life allows you to be yourself. When you’re with this person, you don’t have to hide who you are at all.

All those quirks or weird interests or hobbies that you have can be openly shared and discussed without fear of ridicule. In fact, it’s likely that you’ll share these aspects of your personalities.

Staying with this person will allow you to actually begin to feel more like yourself than you’ve been able to in the past.


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Past Memories

If you’ve made a past life soul mate connection, you may experience something that seems a little bizarre. Knowing someone in a past life usually means that you have no memories of them in this life. However, some people will experience memories of this person.

They may not look the same (although the sometimes do) but you will feel that it is the same person. You may experience this in the form of a vision or dream or it may just pop into your head.

While this is a slightly rarer sign, it’s one of the few that you can only experience with past life lovers.

Losing Track of Time

Meeting a lover from a past life is a wonderful experience and you’ll find that when you’re with one of your lovers from a past life, time will just seem to disappear.

Whether you’re talking, being creative, exploring cities or traveling, whatever you do together will seem to fly by. After spending two or more lives together, time just appears to fly by.

Hopefully these signs will help you in recognizing someone from a past life, in particular past life romantic relationships.

Just because you haven’t experienced any of these listed signs doesn’t mean that you’re not meeting someone from a past life. Explore the relationship further and signs may reveal themselves. 

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