The Queen of Swords Tarot Card

Queen of swords

Some tarot cards can seem a little confusing, especially when you first come face to face with them. It can be difficult to understand their meaning considering all the different ways any card could be played. In this article, we will be focusing on one card in particular: the Queen of Swords tarot card. We’ll explore the different meanings of this card depending on whether it is upright or reversed. We’ll also take a look at what this means in relation to love, finances and your career. So let’s dive right in!

Basic Meaning

So do you want to see the Queen of swords yes or no? Well, what do you see when you look at this card? Most depictions show a stern-faced woman, a Queen, who holds a sword up high with one hand and offers a welcoming hand with the other. You may be surprised at just how perfectly this image represents the meaning behind this card.

We’re not talking about a Queens choice destiny card here, but rather we are talking about a card that represent focus, drive, apathy, determination and intelligence. Obviously those are quite a varied range of traits so let’s break down exactly what it means. In Ancient times, femininity represented emotion.

Most Gods associated with an emotion such as love or compassion would appear in a female form while the Gods of war or thunder were men. The Queen of Swords card highlights a woman capable of being both.

Her intelligence is cold and unfeeling which we can notice through her emotionless face. Here sits a woman who knows exactly what outcome she wants and isn’t afraid to do what is necessary to achieve it. On the one hand, she can welcome you in but in the other sits a sword.


As we begin to explore the Queen of Swords love meaning, we can see that the person in question is the dominant figure within the relationship. While the card does depict a woman, this meaning can apply to anyone: male or female. Ultimately, you wear the crown within the relationship and you can relax with the knowledge that your partner wants only to make you happy.

Not only that, but it also means that your partner values your insight and opinions rather than simply listening to you because it’s considered the right thing to do in a relationship.

However, if this card is played in response to a question regarding the future status of your relationship then be wary, as it implies that there is a bump in the road. It won’t be anything major but if handled poorly, it could lead to the relationship crashing into the side of the road.

Just remember to keep a cool head and not blow anything out of proportion. If you see this card but are single then it means that you’re holding too high a standard for any potential partner. Get rid of the checklist and instead focus on what feels right.


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Career and Finances

When viewing this card in relation to your careers and finances, the overall outcome is a positive one. There is some debate as to what exactly the card represents. Some people will tell you that a knowledgeable partner or colleague will enter your work life in the near future.

This person has a lot of knowledge to impart to you and provided you listen, you will find yourself reaping the rewards. The same applies to your finances which can improve greatly under the right guidance.

There is a message of warning with this card though. While you should open yourself up to learning and improving your own abilities, be cautious in regards to your finances. A common interpretation of this card is that someone will appear in your life who seems to welcome you in with one hand but is ready to stab you in the back with the other.

Similarly, this card can represent your need to be defensive while also open to those who approach you. Don’t fear this card as it predicts great things, just be cautious that it comes with a warning.


The Queen of Swords reversedmeaning is actually pretty straightforward in relation to its upright meaning. Where the upright version reflects intellect over emotion, the reversed version is the opposite. Here we find a warning that suggests that you’re thinking too much with your emotions and not enough with your mind.

For many people who see this card in its reversed form, their relationship is actually working against their progress and is causing their usually clear mind to become clouded and unclear. The best thing to do is take a step back and look at the entire situation objectively; ignoring whatever feelings you may hold. 

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