Previous lives and reincarnation

previous lives and reincarnation

Under the influence of Oriental religious beliefs, (Buddhism and Hinduism in particular) some have begun to wonder about the possible occurrence of reincarnation. The ability to reincarnate several times and live successive lives is the foundation of previous lives. This belief may engender many questions: How to know what your previous lives were? How to discover them and remember them? Did they really exist?

How to know what your previous lives were?

Believing in previous lives favors a cyclic reasoning:

  • you are born, you live, you die;
  • you are reborn, you live again, you die again,
  • and so on.

How many previous lives can we have?

Thinking in terms of reincarnation amounts to believing we have several lives. But how many and until when?
Theoretically, the number of reincarnations is not infinite. It hinges on your ability to enhance yourself and reach what are called, in some cultures:  

  • the body of light,
  • the bright light,
  • the nirvana,
  • Samadhi

 It is the state of absolute perfection that leads to the release of your human conditionings. According to the belief in previous lives, once this level is reached, reincarnating on Earth becomes useless.
But there’s an exception: it is possible to voluntarily choose to come back down to Earth through mere compassion. This is a choice some make to help human beings who have not reached this level yet. This is true of Spiritual Guides, among others.

Should we believe in reincarnation?

Basically, what matters most is not so much to know whether you’ve got one or several lives, but to believe in something.
Both beliefs are valid provided that they help improve your present life and help you know happiness on Earth. The most valuable gift we have remains the life we are currently leading. Whether we have one or several lives, we are only assured of one thing: we are living our current life. That is why I urge you to live your life as if it were the only one you have.
Believing in reincarnation is not incompatible with this idea. Quite the contrary.  Each new life we are given is meant to improve ourselves: what you’ve changed for the positive in this life won’t have to be modified in a subsequent life. Consequently, it is possible to near the perfection I previously talked to you about.

Is there any proof that reincarnation does actually exist?

There is a number of very disturbing facts concerning previous lives. Some consider them as proofs of reincarnation.
Many people claim they lived other lives. Testimonials of previous lives have been heard, emphasizing some troubling facts.
These testimonials have several points in common. These people often say they have already lived one or several lives on Earth:

  • in another country,
  • at another time,
  • in another family,
  • with a very different job or the same they have in this life

Jenny Cockell’s testimonial about reincarnation

Jenny Cockell’s testimonial can be found among the most striking testimonials.
On October 24, 1933, a young 35-year-old lady called Mary Sutton died in Dublin, Ireland. She died from pregnancy-related complications following the birth of her eighth child. She passed away with a strong feeling of guilt as she was leaving her eight children to her violent husband, who was a drunkard.

In 1953, Jenny Cockell was born into an English family that was going through the same problems as Mary Sutton’s family. In her early childhood, Jenny was invaded by recollections of a young woman she only knew the first name of, Mary. Even as a young girl, Jenny spent most of her time drawing and drawing up plans.
Positive and sometimes painful memories filled her mind, which was not easy to bear for a young girl. For instance, she experienced in her mind Mary’s last grueling moments on Earth:

  • her suffering,
  • her feeling of guilt toward her children,
  • her helplessness in the face of the inexorable end… 

The more time passed, the more the images perceived by Jenny Cockell were becoming realistic. Then came a day when she got a strong feeling that she really lived this life.

Now an adult, she used her drawings to find where this Mary lived. Thanks notably to the plans she had drawn, she managed to locate the city of Malahide in Ireland.

Not only did Jenny Cockell find the house where she lived in her previous life, but she also found her “children”. One of her sons, who flatly refuted the possible reincarnation of her mother, initially refused any dialogue. But the other children finally became convinced that Jenny wasn’t lying because it turned out they had memories in common.

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