What is a spiritual guide?

what is a spiritual guide

Dead or alive, spiritual guides are a source of inspiration, appeasement, and – most of all – a veritable spiritual assistance. Knowing and talking to your protective spirit can turn out to be extremely beneficial.

How can a spiritual guide help me?

Whether they are called upon or not, spiritual guides may come to the aid of people throughout their life without their knowledge. Spiritual guides intervene in our lives without our necessarily being aware of it.

These protective spirits may intervene from time to time to protect people who are in danger. Conversely, spiritual guides may manifest themselves in a more subtle manner. In such cases, the human beings involved experience a singular feeling: they feel a presence or get a sudden sensation of well-being for no apparent reason.
Some people evoke trials or accidents in their life where they got the impression that their life could have been claimed. Others, still, have instinctively asked spiritual entities for help so as to resolve problems, which was quickly solved.
The protection provided by spiritual guides is not reserved only for certain people. Invoking the help of a spiritual guide lies within everyone’s reach and can solve some situations.


How to talk to your spiritual guide?

Talking to spiritual guides requires a lot of concentration. First, you have to empty your mind and put some kind of meditation into practice. Then, when your mind and body are appeased, make your problem known as you open your inner self up to any form of answer.

In order to foster your concentration, it is advised that you close your eyes and remain motionless so as to attain a state of total openness. It sometimes happens that the answer to the problem in question arises spontaneously through your thoughts or visualizations. Most often, it is at this stage of meditation that the spiritual guide intervenes.

To call for spiritual help, it is, therefore, possible to invoke benevolent spirits such as spiritual guides who are also called divine protectors, protective spirits or Angels.

How to find your spiritual guide?

The coming of a spiritual guide can be felt as a soft breeze. Some testimonials mention a sensation of extreme well-being that leads to a veritable state of trance without losing consciousness for all that. It is at this very moment that these people become – according to what they say – totally open to what surrounds them. All their senses are then on alert.

The feeling of being one with your environment often announces the presence of the spiritual guide. A flash of light can also signal his presence. The energy emitted by the spiritual guide is then palpable and acts as an inner purification that is both invigorating and exhausting.

Spiritual guides may also appear in dreams where they can give you their opinion, advice or even


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