Who can be helped by a medium and how?

who can be helped by a medium and how

Like most people with  psychic abilities, pure mediums are prone to helping people who wish to find some answers to their questions.

Communicating with spirits thanks to a medium

Thanks to their magnetism, some mediums can allow a person to speak with the dead, or spirits from Beyond. In that case,  they act like a support, a channel between both dimensions. Spiritual forces can manifest through them.

Likewise, a medium can summon and speak with these spiritual entities in order to help living human beings who wish to communicate with these entities.

There are some cases where the Spirits summon the medium to express themselves through him or her and thus communicate with a living person. The spirit medium can then help the spirits who wish to be heard in the material world.

The special case of clairvoyant mediums 

Other people, like me, are clairvoyant mediums who use their mediumship gifts to unveil predictions about the future.

There are several types of mediums, and each one can help those who come to them in their own way when they ask for their help, one way or another, whether they are humans or spiritual entities.