Various types of mediums and their gifts

various types of mediums

Most of the time, mediums do not use tools like tarot cards, a crystal ball or even a pendulum. The medium harnesses the flow of energy from nearby living or spiritual beings as raw material for their predictions. However, some mediums can use occult items with a specific energy meant to enhance their perceptions.

During a consultation with a medium, the intensity of these energies can directly affect their mediumship abilities. The strength can be so intense that the medium can enter a trance allowing them to make contact with the spirit world.

There are as many different mediumship abilities as there are mediums. However, it is still possible to draw some common characteristics and define various types of mediums.

The spirit medium

A true mediator between the spirits and human beings, a spirit medium uses his or her gifts to communicate with spiritual forces such as the spirits of the dead. In that way, he or she can speak to the spirits from beyond, but these spirits can also speak through him or her.

The clairaudient medium

Clairaudience is a paranormal hearing ability allowing someone to hear voices from beyond. Usually, a clairaudient first perceives some noise in the left ear, then more or less distinct sound signals, and then a clear voice. Clairaudients can then start communicating with the spirit world.

The clairvoyant medium

Some mediums, like me, are clairvoyant mediums. They do not actually speak with the forces from beyond, but they have the ability to predict the future or to know some events that happened in the past. Their psychic gift can manifest itself when they are awake, under hypnosis, or during their sleep.

The faith healing medium

There are also faith healing mediums. They can provide relief to people suffering from physical and/or psychological pain. Some faith healing mediums use their own magnetic energy to do so; others can receive assistance from Spirits with therapeutic knowledge. It must be said that there are also people practicing faith healing who are not mediums.