The Crystal Ball, one of the most popular tools for clairvoyance

the crystal ball

Clairvoyance tools for psychics

Cards are the main clairvoyance tools for psychic readers, most notably Tarot cards, but there are also ink blots, coffee grounds, and… the famous crystal ball!

Case in point, most of the time when you speak about clairvoyance with anyone, they will imagine a woman (even though there are many clairvoyant men) sitting in a little gypsy caravan, in a trance, bulging eyes staring into a crystal ball. This is a caricature inherited from a time where psychic readers were mostly psychic women belonging to a group scornfully called the travelers.

The crystal ball, a symbol of clairvoyance

Even if there are several physical stereotypes for psychics, one element can be found every single time and has almost become the main symbol for clairvoyance: the crystal ball!

One must confess that even though many psychics indeed draw their clairvoyant predictions from a crystal ball, a great many of them only keep it as decoration.

Granted, many people are full of both anxiety and hope when they come for a psychic reading. Anxiety about the terrible things that might be said, and hope to know a better future. As such, one look at the crystal ball can have a soothing effect on them because it fits their own belief in clairvoyance!

I already explained that there were not many psychics left who used it, but it does not mean that this clairvoyance tool is useless. Psychics usually refer to the crystal ball as the “empty tool” because a true crystal ball has to be fully transparent without any flaws in structure or transparency.

In order to read a prediction from a crystal ball, the vision must come on its own, spontaneously, without interference from even the slightest physical flaw that might disturb the apparition.


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