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Based on the vibratory resonance of each number, studying Indian numerology is sacred. It can unearth the depth of our karma in order to adapt our behavior to face anything in our life.

Indian numerology is also called Vedic numerology

According to Vedic numerology, understanding any individual is tied to your understanding of the entire universe. Every number radiates vibrations that can influence your destiny. There are 3 important numbers for Indian numerology:

  • The psychic number will have a leading influence until the age of 35 and will affect your behavior until then.
  • The destiny number will be relevant after 35, and will allow you to better know what your future holds
  • The name number that will mirror your personality.

Numerology allows you to operate on the name number to correct any negative effect and put it in harmony with the other two numbers.

The importance of karma in Vedic numerology

Hinduism says that everything that happened during your past lives will affect your current life. This is the basic principle of karma. Karma means believing in destiny, a destiny that is the product of your past actions. As such, Hindu people think that the notion of balance is extremely important. It leads them to be in harmony with the rest of the universe with everything they do.  

According to Vedic culture, reaching or at the very least getting close to that ideal would allow us to reduce our suffering in our future lives and get out of the cycle of rebirth, also called samsara. The final goal is to free your soul and reach moksha.

It also works in a society like Indian Society where any problem is bound to have a solution. The world of Indian movies is littered with countless personalities that have changed their name. You might use it for success, to improve your own fate, or even because you nurture a genuine belief in astrology, but today numerology is a science impossible to ignore in India.

Since the dawn of time, Indian numerology and Vedic astrology have been keys to study karma, and understand how we can interact with it. Studying numbers teaches us about our karmic evolution. The sum of these numbers teaches us to make the most of our own nature, they help us to know ourselves better.


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The 9 planets of Vedic numerology

For Indian numerology and Vedic astrology, there are 9 planets associated with 9 numbers. Each planet symbolizes one number:

  • Sun = 1 
  • Moon = 2 
  • Jupiter = 3 
  • Rahu = 4 
  • Mercury = 5 
  • Venus = 6 
  • Ketu = 7 
  • Saturn = 8 
  • Mars = 9

Rahu and Ketu symbolize the lunar nodes.

This approach integrates, at the same time:

  • the numbers that are living vibrations
  • and the planets, which are perceived differently from western astrology.

With Vedic numerology, you can unearth a lot of “coded” information from a date of birth, most notably as regards:

  • the behavior of the person,
  • their destiny,
  • they way they look at the world,
  • their merits and flaws: gifts and skills that were developed during several past lives,
  • their weak points that must be handled during this life.

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