Rituals of the Tarot of Marseille

Rituals of the Tarot of Marseille

Most magic rituals using the Tarot of Marseille rarely need more than this deck. They sometimes require a pendulum and, most of all, concentration. The rituals of the Tarot of Marseille can be applied to many different fields, such as love, money, luck or happiness, and bring an answer to several problems.  

Magic of the rituals of the Tarot

Many tarot readers reckon this deck holds the secrets of the Universe and certainly those of the human soul. The rituals of the Tarot enable anyone to make the most of many everyday situations they are confronted with.
Every card of the Tarot of Marseilleminor arcana included – can be used to achieve a positive goal, in a magical perspective. However, the power of some arcana cannot be called upon without having erased beforehand any negative cliché that might be linked to them, because no card can be considered positive or negative.
Boundless energy will turn into life force, vitality. On the other hand, if it is incorrectly channeled, it could be transformed into out-of-control aggressiveness.
Here are a few instances to illustrate the phenomenon:

  • The Sun can illuminate or burn.
  • Solitude can build us up or make us collapse.
  • Trials may give us the opportunity to surpass ourselves but they may also make it difficult to stand our ground.
  • Desires may be the driving force of our lives or make us a prisoner of our senses.

Only the dose makes the poison. And each Tarot card reflects various degrees of one situation in particular, of one particular feeling.

The Tarot of Marseille for love, money or luck rituals

In many cases, the Tarot’s aim is to tune us to the right frequency, but also to restore the free movement of positive energies. It removes some blockages that prevent us from perceiving and capturing these beneficial waves. That is why it is interesting to perform a tarot draw or some rituals to get a clearer picture.
Over the course of my initiation into the occult, I discovered many rituals using the Tarot of Marseille. As already explained above, this deck is a very powerful divinatory tool. So it is no wonder that the Tarot is used as a main element in many rituals.

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