Personal year 8

personal year 8

Money, ambition and success will be the dominant aspects of the personal year 8. It is a symbol of the time of harvest, both positive and negative.

What does personal year 8 mean?

Following the time of introspection during the personal year 7, you might feel that your projects are in turmoil. Heavily involved, you will have to make some crucial decisions to prosper.
This personal year 8 will be a time of harvest. In proportion to the efforts you have made during the past seven years, this time could feel like a reward. In other words, you will reap what you have sown.

Personal year 8 and professional life

During that time, you will have the opportunity to diversify your own work and broaden your personal skills. This year could lead to a professional promotion and/or a raise.
You will feel confident and radiate with natural leadership toward other people, which will allow you to cement your own legitimacy. Guided by your creativity and intuition, it will be easier for you to achieve your ambitions.
However, you will need to take a step back when you are successful and keep your feet on the ground, because your professional success will primarily be proportional to your dedication to your work.


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Personal year 8 and material needs

Highly pragmatic, this year money and material aspects will be of primary importance.

Success might bring you a certain amount of satisfaction. However, you need to be wise and keep your eyes open.

Indeed, in some cases, financial troubles or some kind of failure might arise. You need to keep everything balanced.
Justice will have a major role to play during this personal year number 8: there might be a trial, for example.
On a purely material level, you might have to face some problems like leaks or mechanical failures. To learn more about personal years, discover the file dedicated to this theme

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