Personal year in numerology

Personal year in numerology

According to numerology, knowing your personal year allows you to have a better grasp of the current year. Love, money or work, the specific vibrations of a personal year have an influence over every aspect of your day-to-day life, most particularly for your upcoming projects. 

What is my personal year?

The personal year is numerological information, just like your life path. Based on a nine-year cycle, it can shed some light on the overall atmosphere of the current year (from January to December).
Personal years go by, yet each one can be different. Each has its own characteristics, negative points, and favorable moments. Through some very simple calculations, it is possible to know the number of your personal year.
This will be an indication regarding what you should undertake and what you should avoid, leading you towards the opportunities that should be seized. Depending on its vibrations, it could be particularly relevant to a specific area (on a sentimental, professional, material or financial level). If you keep it in mind, it will be some precious help:

  • to undertake the right project at the right time
  • to make the most of positive waves
  • to raise your odds of success to the maximum

Usually, the last quarter of a year is already influenced by the vibrations of the following personal year. Likewise, the first few months of a brand new year will still be influenced by the vibrations of the previous year. It is a transitional period.
If the number of your personal year is the same as your life path, this should be a defining year for you.

Just like your personal year carries importance in your life, numbers have the power to bring immense changes in your life. But not just any number, each of us have certain lucky numbers that can bring us happiness, success and fortune. 

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How to calculate your personal year?

In numerology, that information can enlighten you on the upcoming trends. They could be positive or negative, depending on the specific area. 
Here is the method to calculate the number of your personal year:
Add the day of your birth + the month of your birth + the current year
By reducing that amount, you will get a number between 1 and 9, which is the number of your personal year.
Pay attention, as in this calculation you should not use the year of your birth but the current year, meaning 2016. This is why the number of your personal year will change every year.
Example: Tom was born on 12/08/1972 
His day of birth is 08.
His month of birth is 12.
The current year is 2016.
Calculation of Tom’s personal year:
08 + 12 + 2016 = 2036
2 + 0 + 3 + 6 = 11
1 + 1 = 2
In 2016, Tom’s personal year is 2. 

Once you have your result, you can discover the meaning of your personal year:

Now that you know your personal year number, you can get deeper insights into your future, as well as a better understanding of your past, so that you end up working with the energy of the year, rather than against it. It will help you in making decisions that have the potential to make your life more productive, easier and ultimately happier.

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