Personal Year 2

Personal year 2

Numerology-wise, personal year 2 has a strong focus on relationships. Conflict or harmony, the way you deal with other people will teach you many lessons of diplomacy and patience.

What is the meaning of personal year two?

A continuation of the personal year 1, number 2 will feed your projects. You will need a sense of balance and the will to overcome any trouble if you want yours plans to succeed, in spite of all the conflicts and obstacles you will encounter during the personal year 2.

Indeed, it will be a most eventful year on an interpersonal and emotional level. Confrontations might arise, sometimes with their share of frustrations.

You will need to focus on gentle methods and compromises. That kind of approach can be a boon to further your own goals.

In other words, the personal year 2 is a year of slow and steady growth, and you will need to be tactful and patient to carry on. Emotionally, you will be particularly sensitive and vulnerable.

In that case, you should not try to stand out no matter what, and ought to be more reserved about your ideas and projects.


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Personal year 2 and professional life

Do not lose sight of your own goals! When you have any problem to face, take a deep breath and be tactful. Something might break in your professional life.

Personal year 2 on a personal and sentimental level

This year is full of sensitivity and openness, so it will be favorable for making new friends or finding a new love interest.

These relationships will plant roots and last in the long term, provided that you pay particular attention to what other people have to say.
You might have to deal with a break-up on an intimate level, but you might also find your soul mate during the personal year 2.

Personal year 2 and spirituality

This is an auspicious year for reading and finding meaning in your spiritual life.
You will have some enhanced awareness of the intangible aspects of your life, and it will help you get ready for the future with serenity.

Stay vigilant, but you will be particularly persuasive thanks to that spiritual awareness.

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