Meaning of your baby’s first name, according to active number 1

active number 1

You never choose your child’s first name at random. A reflection of its personality and character, a baby’s first name can share a lot of information on the way it will deal with the world and other people. Thanks to a calculation of the active number, it is possible to discover the meaning of a person’s first name. Here is the meaning of the first names corresponding to active number 1.

Active number 1 shows the character of a leader

Here is a child full of zeal and energy. Their enthusiasm to explore the whole wide world could be slightly problematic for you. They will use all their determination and insight to go around all the limits you will try to impose on them. A willful child, they know what they want and how to get it. Determined, they will use all their energy to reach their goals. They will not be brought down by failure, as they will keep trying until they succeed.

Give them a little bit of freedom, even if you have to keep watch from the corner of your eye. Under the active number 1, the child has a lot of personality and their education should be handled with sweetness and cunning. It would be best to avoid antagonizing them with too much discipline. They must not be too free or repressed. They yearn for self-reliance and need to assert themselves. They have a creative and inventive mind.

A first name that entails a strong and persuasive personality

The child has an uncanny persuasiveness, and with the help of their natural appeal they will soon turn out to be a leader. They stand at the top of the food chain. It is hard to resist them. They combine energy, authority, confidence and a knack for initiative to better impose their desires. You should learn how to avoid giving in to their every whim, and how to say no, or you might let yourself be manipulated.

This is a child with an individualistic temper. Teach them that sharing is a much better alternative for everyone. Enhance their natural generosity, show them that solidarity is a worthy goal, and tell them that we all need each other and that they are no exception to this rule.
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