What is Tibetan karmic Numerology?

what is tibetan karmic numeorology

Tibetan Karmic Numerology is based on a primordial element: the date of birth. Thanks to calculations, it is possible to look into your karma and the positive or negative effect it has on your life.

What is the use of Tibetan karmic numerology?

Through some quite simple arithmetical operations, we can obtain information on our potential, qualities, and faults. These calculations enable us to look into the karma and access the very essence of what we are.

Karma has its share of difficulties and challenges. All of this is represented by the karmic debt that bears witness to your past lives and your current one.

This debt is often synonymous with unsolved problems and conflicts from your past lives or stemming from your family legacy. 

Tibetan numerology informs us about the karmic debts inherited from our past lives and provides clues and solutions to put an end to these problems and conflicts.

It unveils whether the karma is oriented towards wisdom, creativity, ingenuity or relations with others. A deeper analysis will even inform us of the mission we have on Earth and detect the retentions of energy favorable to creativity and self-fulfillment.

Tibetan numerology and Date of birth

Every human being that sees the light of day on a particular and unique day inherits specific vibrations they will have to know, understand and harmonize.

The date of birth is a vibratory identity card thanks to which it is possible to explore the contents of a whole life.

The date of birth holds – among others – the number of your life path, which will provide you with very important information about the essence of the life you will lead.

This number has an extremely strong impact on life, on the personality of the person and on their choices.


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Tibetan numerology and Life path

The life path informs you of all the upcoming difficulties that will have to be overcome as well as the opportunities that will come your way.

It will guide everyone to the right path so their qualities and potential are exploited. This way, they will express themselves and be fulfilled.

This life path guides our whole existences, from the day we were born until the day we die.
It is the meaning of our lives and shows us what our mission is and how best to bring it to completion.

The date of birth, the life path, and Tibetan karmic numerology enable us to understand each other at various levels, to better comprehend our karmic past and our future lives.

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