Address Numerology

Address Numerology

Due to the vibrational energy carried by any and all numbers, it’s important to pay attention to the areas of your life that may be impacting upon your happiness without you even realizing. One main example of this could be your house number. It’s important to check that your home’s energy aligns with your current situation. In this article we are going to explore address numerology. We’ll take a look at the importance of having the correct address and we’ll also explore the function of an address analyzer (and how you can use it).

Address Analyzer

Working out your house numerology is an incredibly simple task. For starters, you only use the number, not the street name itself. The first thing we do is get the numbers to single digits by combining numbers. So if you live at number 11 then your number would be 2, number 15 is number 6.

We simply repeat this with letters so each letter has a numerical value based on its place i.e. A=1, B=2, C=3. We apply the same trick of working out the sum of any double digit numbers. For example, 4A would become 5 (4+A(1)=5) while 17H would be 7 (1+7+H(8)=16, 1+6=7).

House Number Numerology

When we explore the numerology house number 9 contains (for example) we find that it differs both in positive energy and negative energy to that of house number 8. As such, we’ll now take a look at some examples of address numerology.

House Type 1

The address numerology number 1 is quite appropriate. Those who have the energy of the number 1 value their independence drastically and wish to foster that independence. This sort of home is perfect for people pursuing careers solo e.g. working as a freelancer or a budding musician.

There may be numerous people living within this house but each is their own person and they don’t consider themselves part of a larger collective. They are all head strong and determined which can create some tensions. At times this sort of home can lead its occupants to feeling isolated and lonely.

House Type 2

As we begin to explore the numerology address of a house with the energy of 2, we find that it promotes emotions. This sort of house is ideal for families or groups, close friends or romantic partners. It’s normal to find photographs and memorabilia scattered throughout this type of dwelling.

This house is well suited to those involved in spiritual or creative endeavors. Unfortunately, the emotional boost can lead to strangers or people holding negative feelings towards one another experiencing uncomfortableness, conflict and drastic boosts in negative energy.

House Type 3

A house with the energy number 3 contains address numerology similar to that of house number 2. There is a natural flow of energy which promotes creative thoughts and keeps the atmosphere upbeat and ready for anything. This sort of house is just as likely to be a party spot as it is a walk-in art gallery.

As such, it works well for friend groups or couples wishing to make that leap from partners to family. Of course even this sort of energy does have downsides. The constant activity can begin to feel a little exhausting and all the creative endeavors can become costly. 

House Type 4

The address numerology that we find at house number 4 is one of security. It goes without saying that this sort of energy is perfect for families, particularly new ones. This sort of home also promotes personal endeavors such as investments or the pursuit of career goals.

You can live here and feel naturally disciplined, determined and grounded. However, this level of grounding can lead to some people feeling overworked and bored. They may find that their life feels slower while living in this address.

House Type 5

House type 5 contains the address numerology that you may expect to find at a beach house or a remote mountain house. The energy naturally boosts feelings of adventurousness and the desire to search for thrills. This is the perfect home for those searching for a fresh start.

The downsides are that such a house rarely becomes a permanent home. You might even say that it’s a stepping stone of sorts. The sensation seeking that this house promotes can also lead to the exploration of vices which would end poorly for those who lack self-control.

House Type 6

The best way to describe the address numerology of a type 6 house would be: harmonious. This is a house of peace and clarity which of course makes it a great home for a family. Those visiting your house will naturally feel at home here and you’ll find that even the most emotional person becomes calm and balanced.

However, the nurturing aspect of this energy may lead to the caregiver feeling neglected and alone. There will also be times when the balancing energy drains life from parties before they become too upbeat.

House Type 7

The address numerology for type 7 is the perfect energy for those of you who enjoy privacy and isolation. If you need to concentrate and get on with the task at hand, this energy will certainly help you. The natural tranquility and boosts in spirituality provided by this energy can lead to new experiences within your own consciousness and your productivity will reach new levels.

However, throwing parties can be challenging in such a house and for those who enjoy a naturally upbeat energy, you may find yourself feeling drained and slow.

House Type 8

The address numerology of house type 8 explores drive and abundance. People who do well in this type of home have one goal in mind: success. Whether this is the pursuit of money or a certain career goal, this house will provide some much needed motivation that will remind you to keep going.

One problem with this sort of house is that you’ll never feel entirely satisfied. Every time you reach a goal, you’ll spot a new one to chase ambitiously.

House Type 9

The final address numerology that we’re going to explore is type 9. This house naturally irradiates with love and compassion, making it suitable for a variety of purposes. It works well for parties as people feel connected to one another with a minimal amount of interaction but it’s also a great home for gathering close friends or family members.

People will be naturally drawn here. However, this house type promotes living in the past rather than looking towards the future and many people find themselves feeling less ambitious here. 

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