Should you believe in fate?

believe in Fate

One of the questions I am most often asked about my predictions is about whether or not they describe what will unavoidably happen in the future. In other words: should you believe in fate?

Can you know and change your own fate?

Is it possible to believe in fate? How could you know what it is? Can you change your fate? These are legitimate questions, and every human being is bound to wonder about it at some point in their life. When people ask me about it, I often answer with the story of a woman I helped a few years ago.

Can a psychic reading allow you to know your own fate?

This woman had contacted me following one of her friends’ advice. He had been so enthusiastic about the results he had received thanks to my psychic reading that even though the young woman was quite the skeptic, she made up her mind to call upon my divination gifts.
I could nonetheless feel that she was wary. I felt that she wanted to appear full of confidence. She took great care not to unveil too many details about herself. Very soon, I understood that she deeply believed the very common idea among the opponents of clairvoyance that a psychic would make up their predictions from the words said by the person consulting them.
As such, she was quite disappointed when I did not ask for any additional information once she had told me her full name and date of birth.
I quickly understood that she was torn between two orientations:

  • Confirm her preconceptions of defiance towards clairvoyance and the divinatory arts in general.
  • A second impulse urged her to want to unload the heavy burden - thank to my help - of a life that had been far from easy.

Is there a notion of fate in love?

I reminded her that I am a reliable and earnest psychic and that I did not need any detailed information since I can naturally feel people’s subtle vibrations according to their past, their character, and their behavior.
In spite of the young woman’s obvious disappointment, I could feel her hostility fading away as she was astonished to discover all the things I would unveil about her past and her future.
Of course, I cannot disclose the secrets of that particular reading but I can tell you that she had two ways to solve the problem that had been plaguing her for years. It was about her love life and her family life. This is when she understood that she had two options:

  • she could follow my advice that would help to grow her love life and family life
  • or she could ignore my advice and give up on love.

She wrote to me a few weeks later, both happy and disappointed. Indeed, she told me that in spite of my revelations, she had a hard time following my advice. Because that would have meant giving up on the skepticism she still desperately held onto.
So she deliberately ignored my predictions at first, and she saw that her behavior pushed her away from her loved ones.
After a while, on the verge of despair, she resolved to put my revelations into practice. The tension faded away within a few days and her situation improved considerably.  
When she had almost resigned herself to what she believed to be her fate, she managed to choose another path where she found a solution to what she saw as a doomed situation.

Fate and doom: we always have a choice in life

What we should learn from that story is that nothing is ever set in stone beforehand. There are many crossroads in life and your fate must not necessarily be your doom. We can change our fate every single moment of our life when we make our own choices in our existence.

What we call fate or destiny is only one of the myriads of possibilities standing before us. You should never resign yourself to your fate. Everyone has enough resources to change and choose their destiny in favor of a better one. Even when every path looks like a dead end, there is always another one that might lead you to a better life.
If you want to find it, it is easy. Always keep an open mind for every opportunity. The path of success and happiness will then open before you, just by following this link to the free reading!

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