Divination using Tarot cards

Divinatory Tarot decks

The origins of divinatory tarot reading

The use of divinatory tarot decks can be traced back to the dawn of time. According to tradition, Tarot card were already in use in the time of the Pharaohs. Egyptian mythology claims that the god Thoth revealed it to humanity through 22 engravings.
Moses, who had received the teachings of the high priests, supposedly shared that knowledge with his people during the Exodus, as an alphabet of 22 letters. They are the basis of Jewish Kabbalah, the occult teachings aiming to create a spiritual link between God and all men.
The word Tarot appeared in the 16th century and comes from the Italian “Tarocchi”. That word itself supposedly comes from the Arabic word “tariqa”, which means the path of occult or mystical knowledge. That term was in turn inspired from the name of the goddess of erudition and supreme knowledge in Tibetan Buddhism.
Historically, the first Tarot decks appeared in their current shape in the 15th century in Northern Italy in the heart of the Renaissance. At first, tarot decks were an allegorical representation of the secrets of the visible and invisible worlds, a tool used to teach that was based upon symbols that took into account the spiritual and psychological dimensions of the universe and Humankind.
The Tarot is governed by the subtle laws of the celestial universe. You can find the analysis of the 22 major arcana of the tarot that have now become real divination tools.