What is the Belline Oracle?

belline oracle

Created in the 19th century by Magus Edmond and later popularized by the psychic Belline, the Belline Oracle is a mighty divination tool. This divinatory tarot draws from several occult disciplines such as clairvoyance, astrology, and cartomancy.
Reading with the Belline Oracle
There are 53 cards in the Belline oracle deck, including a so-called “blue card” that acts as a talisman and can be used for protection.
You can find an element symbolizing the 7 celestial bodies on each of the cards from the Belline oracle:

  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Mars
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn

As such, the oracle is made of 7 groups of 7 cards, for a total of 49 arcana. On top of that, there are 3 other arcana without any astrological reference:

  • The Key
  • The Masculine Star
  • The Feminine Star

Interpretation of the Belline oracle

A decision to consult the Belline oracle leads to a global overview of your current situation, but can also let you know the future. This tarot reading can be adapted to many different topics and can answer questions about money, work, or even love and family.
The Belline Oracle is not a directive tarot and the free will of the consultant is paramount. The meaning and interpretation of this oracle thus hand out all the key elements for the consultant to choose and understand their own destiny.