Discovering numerology

Discovering numerology

The origins of numerology

The history of numerology, an occult discipline based on calculation methods, can be traced back to the dawn of time, among the most prestigious civilizations. Indeed, the oldest form of this knowledge can be found among the Hindu, Pharaonic, and Chinese civilizations.
Each of these brilliant cultures had developed their own science of numbers where the same basic numerological principles can be found, albeit expressed differently.
Others trace the origins of numerology back to interpretations of the Bible through Kabbalah or pretend that it grew out of the brain of one of the greatest mathematicians of all times: Pythagoras the Greek. For that mathematician, everything in the entire universe was made of numbers and geometric shapes.

Numerology today

The science of numbers reappeared with more modern trappings during the 20th century. Today, it aims to determine which numbers can influence a person (the way they deal with their friends or the one they love, or for example their behavior according their lucky numbers…)

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