Personal year 6

personal year 6

Decision-making and responsibility will lead this personal year 6 on a path of progress. Family will also become increasingly important for you.

What does personal year 6 mean?

During this personal year 6, family and friends will be at the center of your life. Your loved ones will be a source of serenity and harmony.

You will have to help those who are close to you, take charge, and you will hence understand how important you are for them.
Thoughtful and obliging, people will call on you for help or for advice, not only within your family but among your neighbors too.

Personal year 6 and work

This is a time when you might see some interesting career opportunities, but you will need to show that you are flexible!


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Personal year #6 and your significant other

If you are in a relationship, you will have to prove your love and learn to adjust your behavior. Pay attention to any problem, even the smallest ones.

New responsibilities will grant you strength and personal growth. You might take another step up in your relationship, like the birth of a child for instance. 
If you are single, you might meet someone and enter a long lasting relationship.

Personal year six and money

This is a time of financial growth, and some real estate investments could be particularly fruitful.
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