Karmic numerology: interpretation of the number 7

Karmic numerology 7

The letters linked to the number 7 are G - P – Y. In the karmic table, this value refers to spirituality and mental attitude.Here’s the free meaning of the number7 according to karmic numerology.

Karmic number 7

The absence of the number 7 shows an inner search. Such a person fears solitude and lacks self-confidence.
They will have to change that and learn how to overcome their fear of the unknown, how to be more independent and a bit less solitary.
A person affected by this karmic lesson deals pretty badly with what’s abstract. The lack of precise and tangible facts makes them impatient, which makes them commit mistakes.
Destiny will make them face events that will require them to have the upper hand on their doubts and superstitions. This is certainly the hardest karmic lesson to learn but it will enable them to build solid faith based on intellectual knowledge and spiritual wisdom.

Number 7 in excess according to karma

This category affects people who put more than 3 letters equal to this value in box 7.
Particular case: if the first name and last names comprise less than 12 letters in total, an imbalance appears as soon as there are 2 letters in this box.
Such a person possesses a sense of research and analysis. But they may sometimes be a bit too self-confident, distant and secret. They will have everything to gain if they can find a way to express themselves.
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