Understanding Numbers in Dreams

Numbers in Dreams

Seeing numbers when you’re awake is one thing but what about when it happens in your dreams? Are dream numbers different in some way to those you see when you’re awake? In this article we are going to explore the idea of seeing numbers in dreams. We’ll take a look at some of the number meanings in dreams and how dreaming of numbers overlaps with seeing numbers while you’re awake. We’ll also take a look at some of the different ways in which numbers in dreams can appear. First though, we need to have a grasp of numerology.

The Importance of Numbers

Everything in this universe from the black hole at the center of the galaxy to an everyday butterfly is made up of vibrational energy. This energy is different for everybody and everything but it may shock you to learn that numbers also carry this vibrational energy and as such, they can be deciphered in order to understand their meaning.

When we find ourselves connecting with a number, we will see it everywhere and feel drawn towards it. This implies that our energy is similar to that of the number and as such, if we know its meaning we can begin to understand why.

Numbers in Dreams

You’re probably wondering what it could possibly mean when you’re dreaming about numbers. After all, dreams don’t exist in the physical world and are instead a combination of mental and spiritual aspects. So how could they carry any meaning within dreams? The answer is actually rather interesting. There are a number of reasons why dreams still play a role in our dreams.

Remember: you interact with these particular numbers because your energy is similar to theirs. What does this mean exactly? Well, imagine that you’ve learned a word in a new language. When you go to sleep at night this word keep popping up. When you wake up, has the meaning of the word changed simply because you were asleep? No, of course not! This is similar to how numbers in dreams interact with us.

We go to bed in a certain vibrational energy state and our minds or spirits project different forms of this energy i.e. certain numbers. Have you ever had a dream where you go to school or work but once you get there you realize you have no clothes on? The meaning of such a dream isn’t directly related to that fear but rather a fear surrounding school or work. Your mind just projects it in a more digestible manner. Dream numbers are projections of your current energy.

Forms of Number Dreams

Unfortunately, just to complicate matters slightly, dream numbers won’t always appear in a simple form. For some people, it will be as straight forward as seeing a giant number painted on a door but for others it can take an active examination of a dream to grasp the appearance of the numbers. Many people will do this on a regular basis to search for hidden meanings within their dreams. So let’s take a look at the different forms.


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The Number Itself

One of the very first things you have to consider is the number. Assuming that it appears clearly to you in its natural form e.g. seeing a 3 in the sky or a digital clock that reads 55:55, you have to consider whether this is the only number you’re seeing. Is the same number repeating? Is it part of a sequence? Does the number appear directly to you or are you simply noticing it in passing? For the 55:55 example, you would then have to consider whether you are seeing the number 5, two 55s or the number 5555.

The Form of the Number

The second aspect to consider is the form of the number. If we use the clock example again, this number is appearing in numerical form but what about when it doesn’t? Sometimes we have to consider non-numerical appearances such as how many people are in a room, how many moons are in the sky, the number of times the same character appears, how many objects you interacted with, etc. As you can see there is a lot to consider. It becomes more complicated in dreams as there can be any number of anything. The best approach is to make notes upon waking as this helps keep track of things.

What Do They Mean?

The appearance of numbers in dreams is complicated enough but understanding the number dreams meaning is a whole other challenge to tackle. Dreams about numbers can be viewed in several different ways and as such can carry a variety of different meanings. Let’s explore some of the possible ways to better view these numbers.


You can treat the numbers in your dream in the same way you would any other number. The most common technique is number reduction. If you keep seeing the number 3 then you don’t have to do anything as it’s a single digit core number.

If you get the number 13 then you would combine the numbers to get 4 (3+1) and so you would explore the meaning of the number 4. You simply have to keep combining the multiple digits until you get a single digit and then you can explore the core meaning of that number.

Numerical Significance

However, dreams can also be indicative of certain events. For example, if you see a calendar in your dream with a certain date circled, then you have two options: You could explore the number’s meaning or you could consider the date itself to be the message.

If you keep seeing July 19th then prepare for something to happen on that date whereas if the date has already past then consider what happened on that date that could have left some energy residue or damage. It’s important to trust your gut instinct when considering numbers in dreams as it will guide you better than your mind.

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