Always seeing the same number everywhere


Sometimes a number seems to follow us around. We see it everywhere: on clocks, on registration plates, in a phone number, or a house number. Of course, it raises questions. The first answer to this phenomenon may seem to be quite prosaic and yet it is common sense; it can even be scientifically explained!

Why do we see some numbers more often than others?

We have been in contact with numbers since our early childhood. Our residences have – in most cases – a number; we wish a happy birthday to our loved ones and celebrate our own birthday. Not to mention our phone number, the number of our bank account, the numbers that make up the various codes that we know by heart.
We are well aware that our memory is selective and that we often notice what we have already memorized or something that is in line with our interests at a specific point in time. For instance:

  • A pregnant woman will notice many other women awaiting a baby and will see lots of babies to which she would not have paid attention before.
  • We know that the vast majority of those who play the lottery use their date of birth, that of their children, parents, wife, husband, etc. 

Numbers work in the same way. Let’s say someone was born on 07/07/1977. In this case, the odds are that the number 7 will play a significant role in their lives. They will see the number 7 everywhere, and maybe many number 1 and number 9 as well.

If this person takes a look at the alarm clock to know what time it is and if they see it is 07:07 am or 07:19 am, they will no doubt be surprised. But if, on another occasion, the clock shows numbers that are not particularly familiar to them, they will not notice them. That is why we often hear some people say that every time they take a look at the clock, it always shows the same time! 
To sum up, this phenomenon is a pure creation of the mind, it is merely our subjectivity that is doing the talking. This phenomenon is also called “selective memory”.


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What message does this number get across to you?

That being said, if you always see the same number, chances are that it is following you around to transmit a message to you. And it will be all the more important to understand it should this number appear in your date of birth.

In the analytical psychology developed by Carl Gustav Jungsynchronicity is “the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated, yet are experienced as occurring together in a meaningful manner.
There may be people who always see the same number, one that does not correspond either to their date of birth or that of their loved ones and that is not related to their inner or exterior life.
Everything cannot always be explained and this phenomenon still holds its share of mystery, which depends on the psychology and background of each individual.

However, here are some questions that may help you find parts of the answer:

  • Do you have to accomplish something important shortly?
  • Are you currently going through a period of mutation, of transition?
  • Are you facing a decisive choice?
  • On an emotional level, do you find yourself at the beginning of some soul-searching?

Then, it would be a good thing to look into the symbolism of the numbers that haunt you.

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