What is palmistry?


Among the dozens of methods of divination – or prediction of the future – some call on complex tools. Others, by contrast, do not require the use of any tool or accessory. This is the case of palmistry, i.e. the art of perceiving the future through the lines of the palms of the hand.     

Palmistry, or the art of reading the future in the palms of the hands

Hands, just like the eyes, for instance, have characteristics that make them unique. Some hands can look alike but no pair of hands can ever be identical to another.

The lines and the forms of a hand speak volumes about a person but also about their destiny! Palmistry has been studying these lines hiding in the palms of your hands for centuries and unveiling precious information on someone’s future thanks to tiny indications.
Reading the future thanks to the lines of the hand? Yes, it is possible but this art is not easy to master. It must not be taken lightly.
To solve the mysteries of this ancestral science, the complex forms of the hands and their meaning must be carefully analyzed.

What can palmistry reveal?

Palmistry has been practiced for centuries almost everywhere around the world. Its goal is to study every line, form, and fold of the hand to unveil information on the character, the personality and the future of the person in question.

Some think the lines of the hands are mere folds caused by the movement of the hands and fingers, which is not the case at all. All these folds form very early on when the fetus is in gestation, as early as the second month of pregnancy. The main characteristics remain the same during their whole life.
Palmistry is an extremely codified practice: every small element of the hand is linked to some aspect of the personality or to a specific area of life.
There are two reasons why you look into the lines of your hands:

  1. to discover what the future holds in store for you
  2. to better know your personality and take advantage of your potential.

Lines, mounts, and forms of the hand

Palmistry does not only consist in taking the lines found in the palms of the hands into account. This would be too simplistic a vision.
The hand in its entirety needs to be studied:

  • its form
  • its size
  • its texture
  • and the different small "bumps" (which are called "mounts").

There exist 7 mounts, each one being linked to a specific personality trait:

  1. Mount of Jupiter: social and professional ambition, authority
  2. Mount of Saturn: luck (good or bad), destiny
  3. Mount of Apollo: artistic flair, creativity
  4. Mount of Mercury: reason, ability to reflect, practical sense
  5. Mount of Mars (there is an Upper and Lower Mount): courage,  strong character
  6. Mount of the Moon: visionary sense, imagination
  7. Mount of Venus: love, friendship, sensuality 
It is, therefore, the interpretation of all these combined elements that will enable you to catch a glimpse of the secrets hiding in the palm of your hand.