The meaning of the number 4

meaning of the number 4

Numerology is a fascinating science that has – so to speak – more than a trick up its sleeve! Some numbers bring good luck while others bring fear. The numbers can be declined infinitely but each of them remains unique and has its own meaning. Here is the meaning of the number 4!

The number 4, symbol of matter 

The number 4 leaves its mark on the entire universe through 4 elements:

  • fire
  • water
  • air
  • earth

The number 4 represents creation in its materiality, the concrete, tangible and solid. Its stability shows balance in space.
It is matter and Earth, represented by the square while the circle represents the infinity of the universe. It represents stability; not the kind that settles in by itself but rather the kind you have to acquire by yourself.


I see the number 4 everywhere!    

If you often see or dream of the number 4, it certainly means that you are looking for stability.
If you are looking for a job or a place where you could settle, this means that your life is in the process of building itself. But, if you deem your life to be too conventional, it may highlight that you aspire to a life that is less materialistic and more exciting.

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