The Judgment tarot card – a positive or negative card?


This tarot arcanum is one of the 5 major arcana that refer to every human being’s stay on Earth. It can easily be understood that being judged by people is not pleasant. The same feeling of apprehension is experienced when this Judgment card of the Tarot of Marseille is drawn. But is this fear based on solid concerns?

How is the Judgment card depicted in the Tarot of Marseille?

At first glance, there’s nothing to worry about when we take a look at this blond-haired debonair angel who even has wings on his head. He wears a white item of clothing with red sleeves and is surrounded by a blue cloud.

There is a white halo over his head and yellow and red rays spring from the cloud.

The angel holds a golden trumpet with a white flag on which a golden cross appears (this is the only card of the deck on which the symbol of Christianity is represented).
Below him, three naked characters are praying. One of them is standing in what looks like a green tank.

It seems the character is a woman since she has a bun on the back of her head. On her left, there is another woman.

On her right, an old man. Both of them are out of the tank, staring at the character that is pictured form behind.

All of them have blue hair. This is this aspect of the Judgment cardthat recalls baptism or a resurrection.


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Why do we fear the Judgment card?

It is not uncommon for people who have the Judgment card in front of them to feel weak or some kind of aversion. The reason is that no one likes to be judged…

However, nobody refrains from judging others or criticizing them. It is the name of this arcanum, the twentieth of the deck, that can be interpreted as a negative one, not its image.
What does this angel who, by the way, does not blow his trumpet and sticks out his tongue tell us?

Is it intuition that whispers which way we should go? This is likely.
Every time we are confronted with our own truth, with the opinion others have about us or every time the crucial moment of a revelation (or an essential enlightenment) about ourselves has come, whatever its nature may be, we meet with "Judgment" on our way to “the World”.
The negative aspect of this tarot card implies the fear of being judged by people, the anguish of ending up bare naked, whether we’re talking about the soul or the body, when people look at us.

It can also be synonymous with the rejection of our intuitions, sacrificed for a logic that is not always a good guide.

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