What Are Your Core Numerology Numbers?

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When it comes to understanding numerology, there can be a lot to take in. There are so many different aspects of numerology numbers to consider that knowing how to find your numerology numbers can seem like an impossible task. In this article we will attempt to break the process down to its simplest terms by exploring the numerology core numbers. These are the foundation of understanding numerology and you’ll be happy to hear that no numerology number chart is necessary. Everything we explore here is going to be simple math. So let’s take a look at what core numbers are.

The Core Numbers

The term “core numbers” is in itself pretty self-explanatory. These numbers are the base of any numerological calculations. Knowing how to find your numerological numbers is only possible through knowing how to calculate each of the core numbers (as well as knowing what they represent).

While we can show how to do these calculations, the actual meanings of each individual number can be found elsewhere on our site. There are 5 core numbers and we will go through them all today. There are: your birth date number, your expression number, your heart’s desire number, your personality number and your life path number.

Birth-Date Number

We’re going to start with the simplest and least impactful of the core numerology numbers: your birth-date number. There’s no underlying technique here, this number is quite simply the day you were born. For example, if you were born on August 1st then your number is 1.

If you were born on April 1st then your number is the same. If you were born on Christmas Day then your number is 25. Your birth-date number reveals your talents or skills. It’s sort of like a blueprint for what you could achieve. To give you an example, someone born on the 1st is likely to be a leader.

That doesn’t mean they fall straight into the leadership role but it does mean they have the tools necessary to become one. They might take risks, enjoy challenges, search out knowledge...they could be all of these or none of these.

Expression Number

Your expression number is the next of the numerology numbers and follows on nicely from your birth-date number. Where we just looked at what is essentially the blueprint of your life, this section discusses the exploration of your strengths and weaknesses. It highlights what area to explore in order to find your life’s calling, as well as what areas to be wary of.

Your expression number is a single digit (1-9) that is worked out through analysing your name.
To calculate it, we use the following sequence: 1 (A-J-S), 2 (B-K-T), 3 (C-L-U), 4 (D-M-V), 5 (E-N-W), 6 (F-O-X), 7 (G-P-Y), 8 (H-Q-Z), 9 (I-R) and we apply each numerical value to a letter in our name.

For example, if your name is Bob, you have do 2+6+2=10, 1+0=1. That way we end up with a single digit number. You do this for your first name, middle name and surname, reducing the number to a single digit and what you have left is your expression number.


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Heart’s Desire Number

Out of all the numerology numbers, it is the heart’s desire number that delves the deepest. It looks beyond simple strengths, weaknesses or personality traits and points directly towards the most inner version of you. This could include hidden desires or secret motivations, some of which even you may be unaware of.

It allows you to form a deeper understanding of both yourself and of others. It’s not a number that you should explore lightly, especially when using another person’s name, which is exactly how you calculate this number.

Using the same number/letter decoding system as the expression number calculator, you take all your names (first, middle, last) and focus only on the vowels. If we stick to our example of Bob, we would only calculate the ‘O’ which would be 6. Again, you do this for each name and then reduce the total to a single digit.

Personality Number

The next of the core numerology numbers we’re going to take a look at is the personality number. In many ways it is the direct opposite of the heart’s desire number. Where it looks at deep levels of your being, the personality number focuses only on the surface.

It gives you an impression of how others see you but it also allows you to develop a better understanding of how you would like people to see you as this number also explores what you use as your top layer.

To work out your personality number we use the same number/letter system as the last two numerology numbers but this time we focus solely on the consonants of your names. Returning to Bob as our example, we would look at the two B’s which both equal 2 and so 2+2=4. Again, we do this for each name and reduce the total to a single digit.

Life Path Number

Last but certainly no least we have the life path number. This is the most valuable of all the base numerology numbers. It explores every aspect of who you are: from your dreams, to your ambitions, to your strength and weaknesses. Not only that, but your life path number can be used to work out romantic compatibility with any potential partner.

It may shock you to learn that working out this number is actually incredibly easy. To do so, we simply take each aspect of your birth date and reduce it to a single digit. So if we use the example August 1st 1993, we would have the 8 (already single digit), the 1 (also already a single digit) and 1993. For 1993, we simply do 1+9+9+3=22, 2+2=4. We then combine all three numbers and reduce it further: 8+1+4=13, 1+3=4. So someone both on this date would have the life path number 4, marking the end of the 5 main numerology numbers

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