What is the meaning of mirror hours between 06:06pm and 11:11pm?

06 pm to 11 pm mirror hours

Mirror hours are a phenomenon tied to numerology and astrology. The complexity of these occult sciences explains the mystery surrounding double hours. These mirror numbers indeed display far more than just the time. They might unveil events to come that could be decisive for your future life. Knowing what they mean is an undeniable asset to be successful and happy. In this article, I am unveiling the meaning of mirror hours from 06:06pm to 11:11pm.

Meaning of the 06:06pm double hour

A vision of this mirror hour is warning you about some problems that might arise in the near future. You will need to keep your cool in order to overcome them, and use your reasoning in order to avoid being carried away by your feelings.
You will be extremely receptive and it will help you to harness the positive intuitions that will flock to you. You must turn them into efficient solutions that will allow you to overcome any obstacle. You should also call upon the protection of the Higher Forces, no matter how you call them, and they will help you to be successful.

What is the meaning of 07:07pm?

This mirror hour is very important on a spiritual level. Indeed, it might help you to improve your spirituality, whether you believe in something or not. You will receive some thoughts and ideas that will help you to better understand life and what lies behind appearances.
You should harness the energies that will gather above your head by radiating positive thoughts that will help you to look at your own life from a different angle.

The symbolism of the 08:08pm time

You will face a series of events: some of them pleasant, others less so. You have been warned, and as such you have enough time to get ready for it. For instance, you might think positive thoughts and imagine constructive solutions that are different from those you might have used so far. Granted, you should take some time to think about it, but you should also act or you might miss out on some unique opportunities that will stand before you.


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The interpretation of 09:09pm

This mirror hour is a signal of your upcoming success! Provided that you mobilize your own ongoing efforts to make the most of any opportunity.
You will be wise enough to make the right decisions. It will be rather easy for you to convince other people that might help you to do so if you regularly think positive thoughts.This will then ensure your crowning achievements in many domains. To do so, just do everything in your power to reach your goals. 

Meaning of the 10:10pm double hour

This mirror hour heralds a good period for you on a social and humane aspect. This could notably be seen as:

  • your fame increasing,
  • becoming a kind of celebrity in your sector or among your loved ones

People will increasingly put their trust in you. It will progressively be a boon for you because you will stand in a position of authority.

Meaning of the mirror hour 11:11pm

You should receive a nice surprise on a financial level. This money income will help you to solve a few current or upcoming problems.
You should develop your communication skills because they will be useful for you to meet your goals in every aspect of our life. Mastery over your own speech can prove very effective.
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