What is a talisman?


Human beings have always believed that these meaningful “items” could bring them luck, protect them, act as a lucky charm or even bring misfortune to their rivals. Simple superstition or genuine wisdom? Here is a short presentation about what you need to know about talismans in order to understand their powers.

What is the definition of a talisman?

Many people have their own idea about talismans. “It is a golden ring with strange, carved symbols” or “it is that retro pendant that my grandfather never took off his neck because it protected him” or even “it is a gold coin that we found in a chest in our basement”. But what is a talisman, really? Are there genuine magical talismans that can be useful to us?

The right definition of a talisman would be to say that it must be made, even in a summary way, and that the person that will use it must make a willful choice when he or she claims it. Indeed, every talisman is imbued with its own unique identity that is a perfect match for us.

Talismans and amulets

Some specialists highlight the difference between amulets and talismans. In this article, we will consider amulets to be a specific category of talismans, because it can be hard to differentiate them! If the difference had to be spelled out in the simplest of terms, an amulet is usually used to protect yourself while a talisman allows you to attract anything you might wish for.

How to make a talisman?

There are three important elements when you make a talisman:

  • The materials or the basic shape for any animal symbolism,
  • The stone you might use,
  • The symbol you have selected.

 Talismans are usually made using metals or materials such as:

  • gold,
  • silver,
  • platinum,
  • copper,
  • bronze,
  • stone,
  • wood,
  • paper.


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Additionally, any magical talisman can have various shapes and forms like an ancient pendant or an item with an authentic symbol.
Whether it is a talisman of luck, or protection, or a lucky charm, a talisman is as strong as the belief of its owner. It merely strengthens the powers that already exist within that person.

Talismans of protection, of luck, or lucky charms

In the end, talismans can be made from just about anything, because everything rests upon the person imbuing the selected item with the power of his or her own will. As such, a seemingly insignificant item for you might indeed be its owner’s talisman of protection.

Most people relish talismans that can be worn because they feel safer that way.  With that in mind, magical talismans can be sorted in a few large categories, namely:

  • jewels (pendants, rings, bracelets, etc.),
  • stones (precious or not, with painted or carved symbols, like runes),
  • anything using a written medium (paper, scroll, cloth, etc.),
  • symbolic items (cross, Hamsa, star of David, saint’s medallions,  etc.),
  • pictures drawn in some places you want to protect (for instance a pentacle),
  • statuettes or little dolls holding some elements that are highly personal for their owner (lock of hair of a departed loved one, a piece of cloth from a well-loved garment, etc.),
  • items used to build or decorate the house you want to purify and protect (a special lamp, a tile from the roof, a candlestick, some books, etc.)

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